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Racking Tips

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by SKUNKone, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. SKUNKone

    SKUNKone Senior Member

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    Im not the best person to rack, but I do have a little experience and here's what I always try to do when I rack:
    1. If its the middle of the summer and your area is hot, don't wear baggy jeans and hoodies to drop supplies in. Its too suspicious and there are many more methods out there
    2. You can stuff small items in your butt crack. Markers work perfectly with this, just stuff them vertically in your crack and try not to walk weirdly.

    Those are mine for now, what are yours?
  2. SEKU

    SEKU New Member

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    Never tried the buttcrack method... That sounds a little gross, but legit. For small things, I usually slip them up my sleeve(if I'm wearing long sleeves).

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    are you seriously talking about putting falic shaped objects around your booty hole? are you fuckin stupid?

    Nature's pocket is the vagina, not the ass crack. If you dont have a vagina, stop being a vagina, and put that shit in your regular pocket. Petty theft is about having balls of steel, those who over think it, and act like what theyre doing isnt normal get caught.

    If it can fit in your pocket and not stick out, put it in your fuckin pocket.
  4. kickiticy2

    kickiticy2 Senior Member

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    MASTAH ty.

    look at items like a standard shopper. grab items off the shelf and walk. wait for a clear turn, free of people and preferably cameras too and drop any where on you.
    cans in jeans tucked into sox
    markers stuffed in pockets(dont skimp the quantity herr
    blackbooks in waistline
    lunchmeat and shaving razors in cargo shorts.

    what ever. jus be cool, i remember asking michaels for a job application with loads of goods on me. that place would be soo ill to work and gain supplies from.
  5. Foo

    Foo Senior Member

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    Just shove shit down your pants and give yourself a bulge then walk around like you have a big dick. Perfect disguise.
  6. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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  7. Abe13

    Abe13 Senior Member

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    Take a girl with you. Makes it look like she dragged you in there. Have her look at what you want. You grab it, drop it in her purse and bounce. Best method I've found. Because neither of you look sketchy.

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    you gotta be more realistic abraham, these losers dont have girlfriends. pretty sure the majority of them are queers as well
  9. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    lol get em' ribcage..
  10. Jaset

    Jaset Senior Member

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    i triend racking a camera yesterday and the guy was hella suspisious .. i suck too
  11. Asube

    Asube Member

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    I'm from Sydney and its pretty much impossible to rack good paint
    what I do is go bunning and just rack like 3 boxes of exports. since the paint is behind a cage u gotta climb up when no one is looking and throw it down to ur mate and put it in ur bag.
  12. badder boy

    badder boy Senior Member

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    dont rack shit if ur like 15 you stick out like a fucking crack head just get ur mwommy to buy ur paint for you
  13. Dreg one

    Dreg one Member

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    Unless you look like a thief (most of you do) these all work:

    Label changing, Everytime I am at any walmart I pull a few barcode stickers off the color place cans, I keep them stuck to a library card in my wallet. When I need fills I go to walmart, fill one of those hand baskets with cans and walk around the store for 20 minutes putting the color place barcodes over the rusto barcodes. Use express check out (newer employees, usually young, minimum wage, have never bought a can of paint in their life) So I am able to get 8 cans of rusto for ~$16. Not bad.

    An alteration on that is to take the barcode off a $20 fishing rod and put it on a $200 rod, buy it for $20, return it the next day for $200 store credit. (preferably at a different walmart)

    Box stuffing: Those fisher price cars that every 4 year old pedals around in, Find one of those, open it and realize how much dead space there is in the box, fill said space with cans, seal the box again, put it at the back of the shelf, come back the next day or in a few days, buy the box, take the cans out and return the original item (roughly 10-15 free cans)

    The garden section: The garden section in most places is huge and barely guarded, if you are walking out of the store with stolen goods, walk out that entrance.
    Stashing a LOT of stuff in the garden section is a great idea, they are usually confined by a fence that is just tight enough to pull cans out of, put 4 cans behind EVERY skid of flowers or soil in that place, they will probably find some and remove them, litterally spend a few hours going back and forth and stashing cans in the garden section, come back at midnight and grab everything that is still there.

    Cart pushing (old school): Fill a cart, rollers, cans, gallons of paint markers, whatever the hell you want/need but FILL the cart. Pull out your phone and stage an angry and rushed argument like "Yeah, yeah, I am just leaving walmart now... Yes I got it, I will be home soon, I just worked a 9 hour day, ill pick up the pizza on my way home" Nobody will EVER confront you while you are on a call acting pissed off or rushed. Also, while having this fake angry convo and pushing the cart, preferaby you should ahve a LONG walmart receipt in hand and while arguing look at the fake receipt like you are making sure the teller calculated everything right, I have seen people push carts full of car supplies just like this and nobody but myself noticed. Dump that cart in the trunk and get the fuck out of there and dont return for a while... maybe even wear a fake moustache... couldnt hurt.

    Receipt diving: This is grimey, but often rather fruitful. Keep your eye out for receipts from a local mega store like walmart, crackheads are good at finding receipts for smaller items that are worth a bit, such as picture frames, engine oil or anything automotive that is in a bottle. Find this receipt, memorize the receipt, the day the item was bought, what else was bought with it, the time of day, the cost. Go into the store, find the aisle, match the serial number on the receipt with the barcode on the actual product, walk around the store a few times to lose the camera loss preventions dude if they are watching. Bring it to the front desk, return the unbought item with someone elses receipt and get store credit... As well, some store dont need a receipt but will not give cash without the receipt... fine for us because we want that store credit.

    The safest one is definitely paying crackheads to shoplift for you. "you get me 40 cans and ill buy you a half gram"

    Last one I can think of is a mix of a few of the scams I just mentioned. Take the barcode sticker off the color place cans, Find the most expensive can you can find (Walmart and canadian tire used to carry a oil on pavement effect metallic that was $30+, buy 5 of those with the colour place barcode for $2 each and return for store credit without receipt... Thats $150 store credit for $10 spent.

    That little rack on the bottom of a shopping cart, Put 2 -12 packs of cans on there are buy some other shit... push the cart out of the store, most of the time nobody notices, if they do, tell them "Oh, I didnt see those there, Someone else must have put them there" pretty easy to talk your way out of.
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  14. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    Your tips help a lot man, keep up the work. Plan on using them next time I head to walmart.
  15. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    Don't feel bad, I've never racked spray paint before, best thing I've racked was a pack of prisma colors, which are terrible since they bleed in my blackbook so they don't serve a good use.
  16. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    I have been wanting to get some copic markers from michaels(racking wise) call me a noob, but I am worried that the security towers near the entrance will go off. That's my only reason why I haven't racked anything straight from the shelf and not packaged because I fear of getting caught. Hope you can help :)
  17. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    I have been wanting to get some copic markers from michaels(racking wise) call me a noob, but I am worried that the security towers near the entrance will go off. That's my only reason why I haven't racked anything straight from the shelf and not packaged because I fear of getting caught. Hope you can help
  18. loonaii

    loonaii Elite Member

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    Just take em bro I have like over 100 copics from micheals. One time took like 15 at once lol. Also if you look suspicious grab a dress shirt and nice pair of pants with a laptop bag. Go to the paint dept at Home Depot and fill the bag. I got like 12 cans at once with that. Also I once filled a walmart basket with rustos n walked out got 19 cans that time and was the easiest thing to do. I look mad suspect to im a big Latin guy with a beard lol still works.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    small ass mafucka sayin hes big and shit. you aint big *****. you small as fuck.
  20. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    Thanks for the info man, I was only worried about the security towers near the entrance from going off. I will go for copics first since they seem easier. The walmart near me has "secret shoppers" that pop out of nowhere so I'm gonna have to be quick. If I was to get caught from racking, I would be sent to my dads and he HATES graffiti. My mom doesn't care that I do it so I just wanted to be safe.