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Racking Tips

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by SKUNKone, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. Bolics

    Bolics Member

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    I was thinking of racking paint/whiteout pens from Walmart with the shirt method (tuck in shirt, wear sweater, tighten belt, put cans down your shirt). But I was afraid of the cans making noise. Unless ofcource I could steal some magnets and know what cans have metal balls. This really goes for most methods though, the cans make a lot of noise don't they?
  2. megalomaniaK

    megalomaniaK New Member

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    Here's some shit I do when racking:

    Wear a shirt w/ long-ass sleeves. Grab some markers off the shelves, and make it out like you're gonna pay for them. Walk off, and shove them up your sleeves, so they're hidden. Walk the fuck out.

    Get a bag that goes across ya shoulder. Slip stuff into it while acting like you're looking for gum or shit. I do this all the fuckin time when I'm at drugstores and don't feel like paying $30 for a tiny-ass bottle of eyeliner. You'd think I'm joking but that's pretty fuckin accurate.

    Grab 3 cans, 2 expensive and one cheap AF. Like, a dollar or something. Go to the self-checkout, and scan the cheap can 3 times. Pay for the cheap paint, and put all the cans in your bag. This can probably work with more cans, but too much looks suspicious.

    If you're hardcore, go in wearing a ballcap or something to hide your face, grab a couple cans and naruto-run your ass out.
  3. PUTS

    PUTS Elite Member

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  4. echoV

    echoV Senior Member

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  5. 0113

    0113 Senior Member

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    When I used to rack markers I always used the same tactic, just stick them in your boxers (that way when they suspect something and even call the cops they won't find it during a strip search). Obviously make sure you stick them at you when no eyes or camera's can see. Wouldn't use a backpack or anything if it's not necessary as employees can ask to see the inside of your bag if they don't trust it. For cans you can obviously use a bag and stick them in outside the camera's, although most stores won't even watch the camera's 24/7 let alone watch all of the footage at the end of the day. Used to shop lift almost anything from soda to clothing when I was younger so I do speak from experience. All of the above goes for me in Holland, so it could be different in other countries. So don't sue me if you get caught lol.
  6. Koda01

    Koda01 Senior Member

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    I've only racked a few things (not cans) just really cheap shit (food) but I would say I rack shit well. The thing is here the only store shit's exposed to rack, got cameras pointed right at it. the other store I know has the cans right in front of the fucking balcony (idk how you translate that from my language to english or if I'm saying it the right way). Conclusion: I think I won't be able to rack cans and markers around here.. fml
  7. dyp

    dyp Member

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    Here's the jacket method for us northeners. Get a nice big heavy jacket with strings on the bottom so you can tighten it to your waistline. Have your buddy stuff like 9 or 10 cans down your jacket and put both hands in your jacket pockets. If you're a big guy or the jacket is thick enough it won't look sketch if you carry yourself right. Have your buddy buy a can of paint on the way out. You want to make sure that the same employee doesn't see you walk away from the aisle with 10 cans and then 1 minute later see you with one in your hand.
  8. BAITS

    BAITS Moderator

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    aight i need some help here.
    I'm allg with how to get the shit on me without getting caught (down the pants, buy one random marker, exit through the checkout) but the store (officeworks) has those towers at exits ( Is it possible to get out with markers that have barcodes on them without setting them off?
    Another thing, the copic markers have clear stickers with silver around the outside. are these alarms for the security towers?
  9. datguydaze

    datguydaze Senior Member

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    just go in to a little store like and just get a bunch of spraypaint and walk right out the front door but bring a camera and film it noone will believe you did it or at least they wont know what store your at while the fuckers on youtube are trying to figure out where you are you can get by with the paint lmao
  10. 2004 ONE

    2004 ONE New Member

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    get a gum label or like a 50 cent item label, almost matches spraypaint label, stick it over spraypaint label, get a can for 50 cents and tax
    thats how we do
    then if employee sees cans say they the new gum flavored paint
  11. BORAX707802

    BORAX707802 New Member

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    Iv racked cans from homedepot and walmart. Walmart was the easiest. If they have a checkout near the garden section just place some cans near the exit, buy sumthin n get a bag (or not) and just grab em on your way out.
  12. GuardDog

    GuardDog Senior Member

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    Can't rack from my walmart they have their cans locked up, just some rusto and what not that's more easy to get from lowes or depot; they have less camera and people seem to give less fucks. But I noticed if you rack from a place like walmart or michaels one of the best method for winter is just a thick coat; stash a bunch of marker and then tail someone who isn't paying close attention, match their pace on the way out. Doesn't draw undue attention really, even if they noticed they just think you're some dude also leaving. People watching assume you were with them 90% of the time.
  13. pngn3

    pngn3 Member

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    i was thinking that if i went in to michaels with a long sleeved shirt/jacket, i could look at the single markers on the shelves, and just pretend to be looking. grab one, then when im putting it back, slide it into my sleeve, that way the cameras couldnt see. rinse and repeat
  14. pngn3

    pngn3 Member

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    yeah, i was thinking maybe when my hand is in the shelf and out of the view i can quickly slide it up my sleeve. plus it being winter, a jacket wouldnt be out of the ordinary. thanks for the tip
  15. Urbanophile-666

    Urbanophile-666 Banned

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    I misspoke. It's been a while..

    Grab two then slide one up your sleeve when you bring it closer to inspect the product then return the other one to the rack.
  16. Urbanophile-666

    Urbanophile-666 Banned

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    I can tell you how to get backpacks full of groceries right under the nose of loss prevention..

    Done it hundreds of times...

    Just no booze or medicine or cosmetics.
  17. Rag Doll

    Rag Doll Banned

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    Gr8 now I want to go boosting!
  18. pngn3

    pngn3 Member

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    i havent actually looked around at the michaels near me, and it would be my first time racking. definitely want to start small, then work my way up. just markers, and thanks, ill definitely try that out
  19. Urbanophile-666

    Urbanophile-666 Banned

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  20. pngn3

    pngn3 Member

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    The cameras all over Michael's make me uneasy, but I don't think they really watch them that much. There's literally hundreds of cameras, and maybe 3 people at any given time who can watch them, plus the other people all around the store. There's also no security poles by the exit, but a lot of markers and similar things are locked up. There's a lot of paint that isn't locked up, so I think I might try racking some of the cans. So far I've only racked a couple of markers. My jacket is a double layered one, you know how you can zip 2 jackets together? Yeah, it's like that, and it's got an empty space in between when you unzip them a little bit. The only problem is the bottom of the jacket, it's open, but I'm thinking I could use safety pins to secure the bottom, sew it, or something else, so I'm basically going to be wearing a huge pocket. I could rack loads of stuff, like blackbooks and larger packaged items, and it would be pretty easy. Just grab 2, make it look like 1 item to the camera, hold it close to my body, and slide one in.