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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ares, May 3, 2004.

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  1. ares

    ares Elite Member

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    Took me 11 days to break my first new years resolution, but hey sobriety is over-rated anyways..

    Fuck work, management makes me stay late because those lazy fuckers were too busy relaxing in their leather chairs in their offices to setup my equipment untill 2 hours before a big order had to be shipped. And tommorow they want me to do another one using chemicials that contain carcinogens and lung irritants, the only problem is their too lazy to properly setup my machine, so the ventilation isn't going out anywhere, just up in the air. So I'm going to get to deal with their bullshit because I refuse to pump that shit in the the air I've got to work in. Its bad enough I had to breathe in fumes from burning cardboard for two hours.. And its funny, management handed out notes to all employes, since the company moved we have a 30 day "cool off" period where were not allowed to complain about anything. I need to run my own bussiness, fuck working for other people.

    Someone just might have to make an anonymous phonecall to the wsib...
  2. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    ares, i should mail overnight you my tear gas pengun, and durring work tomarrow, you should set one of the cartridges off and be all like "fuck, my eyes are on fire" and like, roll around and shti and file a lawsuit
  3. ares

    ares Elite Member

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    Will that be shipped FedEx or UPS?
  4. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    the worst? i hope you werent naming battle royal as one of the worst. no offense or anything im just curious what your idea of their 'worst' is.
  5. Wastedfrog

    Wastedfrog Elite Member

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    haha no!

    The worst shit i ever see its a japanese girl getting rape by 2 man, she was crying, boundered and suspended by the nose hole with hooks. With some blood and sperm, disturbing.

    Btw check this out hahahaha fucking funny;
  6. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    what was that one called? you seen the guinea pig movies? guinea pig 2 is where its at.
  7. Wastedfrog

    Wastedfrog Elite Member

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    ACTION NEWS... Elite Member

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  9. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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  10. inimical critic

    inimical critic Senior Member

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    i was fucken wiht you tube and i found this guy who makes some wierd ass videos
    but supposbly he writes, and was on vh1 cuz hes got mad Nike shoes, but check it out
  11. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

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    i live life by 2 rules...

    no regrets... that and everybody wang chung tonite
  12. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    sounds like my kinda movie

    and guinea pig 2's a dope movie i usually put it on when i bring lil underage goth girls home... sets it off juuuuus right, i remember kicking it with RA the rugged man talkin about that flick in toronto while he was gettin drunk and i was doing lines of k

    god everytime i go to canada somthing cool always happens
  13. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    can someone enlighten havik as to what theese guinea pig movies are?
  14. Wastedfrog

    Wastedfrog Elite Member

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  15. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    guinea pig 2 review from

    There has probably never been and may well never be again, a film that has courted so much controversy as Hideshi Hino's 'Guinea Pig 2:Flower of Flesh and Blood.' In fact, the film has gained legendary and dubious status of being a 'snuff movie.' There has been many stories circulating about the film, mostly as fake as the film. The most famous of the stories concerns Hollywood star Charlie Sheen who reported it to the FBI after viewing because he believed it to be real. To this story, there is a shred of truth, which is more can be said for the rest. The Sheen story is very much overblown and a story that gains more so called 'facts' everytime it is repeated. So, even though I know the actual true version of events, I will not bore you by repeating it here, instead, I prefer to concentrate on the movie itself, that is, if you can call this a movie. Movies have beginnings, middles
    and endings all centered around a plotline. Though this has a beginning of sorts,
    arguably a middle and what looks to be an end, there is definitely no plotline as such.
    Instead, this film is a non stop assault on your senses from start to finish.
    For those of you that don't know, which will be probably most of you, Hideshi Hino is
    a horror/manga comic artist/cartoonist. His comics are not the type that most of us
    will have read, they are highly controversial violent hentai comics.
    When asked to do a film for the (soon to be) notorious 'Guinea Pig' series, he agreed.
    But wanted to do something completely different, something that no-one had ever seen
    So, loosely based upon one of his stories 'Akai Hana,' the legend that is 'Flower of
    Flesh and Blood' was born.
    The concept of the movie is that in April 1985, Hideshi received a package through the
    post claiming to be from an unidentified 'enthusiastic fan.' The package contained an
    8 mm film, 54 still pictures and a 19 page letter. The letter told Hideshi that a
    horrible crime was being committed by a person of aethetic paranoia in a very secret
    place. The film showed an obviously psychotic man, wearing a Samurai helmet, slowly
    dismember a tied up woman and then add the pieces to his collection. Hideshi turned
    the whole package over to the police. Neither the woman or man was ever identified nor
    the man caught. Haunted by these images, Hideshi decided to recreate the 'snuff film'
    he had witnessed.
    Though this is the synapse that was released to promote the film, it is fake, there
    never was a package or a murder. Not that it matters, the effects are that good and
    that realistic you cannot be helped but be drawn into the illusion that what you are
    seeing is a genuine murder, a bona-fide 'snuff movie.' As such, it makes for very
    uncomfortable viewing. Again as such, This makes it probably the sickest film you
    will ever see.
    It starts off at night, with a woman being chased down a street and finally caught.
    The events are captured on what appears to be a cam-corder.
    The scene changes to a single, blood splattered room. In the middle is a table with
    the woman strapped down.
    Just beyond the table is a smaller table with various knives, hammers, chisels, etc
    all covered with blood.
    The woman gains conciousness, while a man, wearing a blood splattered apron and a
    Samurai helmet, comes into view and begins sharpening an evil looking knife.
    After giving a poetic monologue to the camera, something which he constantly does,
    he injects the woman with a drug which he informs us takes her to new heights of
    pleasure, even when in pain. Then, using the various tools at his disposal, he
    dismembers her, all the time using different coloured filters upon a light to
    illuminate the proceedings.
    Each colour representing a different dismemberment.
    Finally, with her hands, arms and legs severed, he eviscerates and beheads her.
    The whole thing is shown in extreme close up and is probably the sickest, most
    realistic and most graphic gore ever committed to celluloid.
    When he's finished he adds her 'pieces' to his collection of dismembered limbs
    and organs.
    To say that this is not for the squeamish or faint hearted is the biggest understatement
    of the century.
    To prove that this is indeed all fake, this DVD comes with a very interesting,
    insightful documentary chronicling not only the making of this little 'nasty'
    but most of the others in the 'Guinea Pig' series.
    As well as that, you get the historical background of the 'Guinea Pig' series,
    a photo gallery, trailers for 'Devil's Experiment,' 'Android of Notre Dame,'
    'Mermaid In A Manhole,' two trailers for 'Flower of Flesh and Blood,' and a trailer
    for 'Junk.'
    Add to that an 'Unearthed Films' interview with Hideshi Hino, a 'Darkside Magazine'
    interview with Hideshi Hino and finally 'Akai Hana,' Hideshi Hino's manga comic
    that inspired the film reproduced for you to read.
    There are three or four versions available of this film. But 'Unearthed Films,'
    which is this one, is by far the best.
    Firstly, it is completely uncut, the picture is crystal clear, the sound, though
    in mono is still clear but most important of all this is the only one with English
    Finally, for collectors there are two different versions of the cover available,
    there's the standard cover which features some blood splattered on a wall with a
    head below it.
    Then there's the version I have, limited to only 666 copies and available only
    online. The cover depicts a photo from the film, a view of the top half of the
    woman with both arms and hands bloodily seperated from their joints.
    This film is a very acquired taste and is not for everybody. If you can sit
    through it, it will definitely test your stamina and also make you consider
    your reasons for just why you are actually able to sit through it.
  16. Wastedfrog

    Wastedfrog Elite Member

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    fucking wow, I WANT SEE THAT SHIT.

    This is real body art.
  17. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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  18. Wastedfrog

    Wastedfrog Elite Member

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    indeed havoc, only 18 bucks on ebay, ill think about it.
  19. Wastedfrog

    Wastedfrog Elite Member

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  20. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    i told you guys i was hardcore