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Rate my tags. Got 3 different styles. 1-10. Would mean the world 2 me.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zalsak, Nov 25, 2018.

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  1. zalsak

    zalsak New Member

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    As description says. Would appreciate if you could take 1-5 minutes to comment and rate the tags posted in this thread. Zalsak is my "tag".

    Comment what you think is good/bad and what I should consider working on- and why you chose 1 of the 3 tags as your favorite.

    Big thanks in advancc!!!



  2. graffheid

    graffheid New Member

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    Like em good flow to them dude. Personally I wouldnt change anything as I said you have a good flow going with the letters.
  3. King Kamehameha

    King Kamehameha Member

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    I like the first one the best
  4. DELA67

    DELA67 Guest

    Picture 1 - 9
    Picture 2 - 5
    Picture 3 - 8

    Overall theyre all really solid
  5. DBZultima

    DBZultima Senior Member

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    the second is my favourite, but i rhink you should space out the 'L' and the "S"
  6. VOIS

    VOIS Member

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    Third one is my favourite, looks like the votes are split even
  7. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    1- I don't like the tops of the A's, looks like a limp dick hanging on a pair of nuts. Might exxagerate the movement a bit more too, like the flair in the middle of the leg of the K, pop that out. Could prob exaggerate flairs a little more on some of the other letters too to give it all movement/flow.

    2- feel it's fairly straight but you have to let that L shine a little more... maybe a small leg kicking straight up off the right end, or maybe a lower case l where the l is a longer line that extends above the height of the other letters. I suppose you could also do an upper case L with that same extension. Could fool with the left leg of the K in the same manner.

    3- make the letters more similar, like they all touch except the K. K should touch, or it needs some movement to be running away/stepping out of there. Maybe try to make these letters all fit inside the same basic shape, like I look at the outline of that first A and it kind of reminds me of a chip that's thinner on top and gets thicker toward the bottom, so try to get the other letters to fit in that same chip shape or whatever shape appeals to you. You could fool with making your Z and S more similar. L needs to stand out more.

    Zalsak ballsack?

    Have fun with it.