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Reasons For A Cop To Pull A Gun On You?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by AKalien, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    that would be sweet to get one where it tells you where the cops are
  2. Atom1er

    Atom1er Senior Member

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    but does anybody know if they are legal
    in south carolina???
  3. Snuff

    Snuff Senior Member

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    idk if this was said.. but most cops carry tasers now. and they can pull them on u even if u dont put there life in danger.. im pretty sure that even if u run they could tase u .
  4. Atom1er

    Atom1er Senior Member

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    like the ones that shoot out up to like 20 feet
    or the close up ones??
  5. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    The ones where I live have decently long ones, I'd be afraid to get shot by one :p I think they go like 15 feet in my area, we had a D.A.R.E. lesson a while ago lol
  6. unreal180

    unreal180 Elite Member

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    itsall good round ere the security and old bill dont have guns
    just aswell i got put in hospital by a security gaurd last year
    must have been having a bad day, he twatted me round the head with his tourch
  7. rise_&_fight

    rise_&_fight Senior Member

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    one of em big arse maglite ones?
  8. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    ahahah you got boyed
  9. rise_&_fight

    rise_&_fight Senior Member

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    tasers are becoming standard issue for UK rozzers aswell now. however knowing britain they probably cant use them without alot of red-tape, form filling and the odd high profile inquiry.
  10. g3zt

    g3zt Senior Member

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    Cops would taze you.. If you run they would 'suspect' you have some drugs or some bullshit...

    -_- the usual excuses', *****s here get tazed often.
  11. rise_&_fight

    rise_&_fight Senior Member

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    over here an excuse like that wouldnt fly, the tabloids would make a huge thing out of it if they end up tazing an innocent person.
  12. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    if you do anything besides put your hands high as fuck in the air, there's a possibility you might get shot. digging in your pockets after they say "let me see your hands, hands up!" then that must mean you're stupid as fuck, or just suicidal.
  13. Bash_The_Bomber

    Bash_The_Bomber New Member

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    dont give bullshit excuses or anything just shut the fuck up you have the right to remain silent now use it!
  14. ..romero..

    ..romero.. Elite Member

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    tasers range from 15 to 35 feet depending.most of the ones cops have are about 20 feet.civilian use it maxes out at 15 feet range.

    new gun.your allllll fucked.
  15. ReKoNe~!

    ReKoNe~! Banned

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    where i live, all the cops got their tazers taken away
  16. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    is that a fucking tazzer in a rifle?
  17. skull-e

    skull-e Elite Member

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    that can't be fucking good...


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    i was under a bridge a few months ago, just minding my own business painting, then all of the sudden a cop pops around the corner with his gun pointed at me. he said that someone called and said that they thought a drug deal was happening.
  19. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    Fuckkk those needles look painful from a 12 gauge. They're probably supposed to be used for riots and the like, though.

    and Bash is a cop.
  20. Lunchbox

    Lunchbox Senior Member

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    Something smells like bacon :eek: