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RESULTS: Bombing Science Sketch Battle (July 2018)

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    The results are in! Here's what the judge of this battle, Ewok, has to say:

    There were a lot of good submissions and thank you to everyone who participated in the sketch battle. It took a while to decide among so many good entries but here are my favorites of the batch.

    1. HumansBecomingMonsters


    I was really impressed with this one. You checked off boxes in all of the important categories here and clearly put a lot of effort in to technically executing this well. I liked the overall thematic approach with the letters, background and character elements all working towards the whole galaxy theme -Nicely done! Also, extra points on the organic style of these letters, a very bugged out. This approach to letters is very subjective, but I appreciate the originality and the overall aesthetic works well and I could see looking dope painted on a wall.

    2. Surge Oner


    I Like this one purely on the strength of the letters- especially the G L and Y. -All very stylish and have good traditional letter architecture with some dope organic flourishes.The addition of the eyeballs was understated, but did just enough to convey the whole alien vibe. I would've liked to have seen a little more variation between the 2 A's, and I think the X could have had a little more structural swagger, but overall, these are GOOD letters. -That Y is BANGIN!

    3. Korb


    Well executed thematically and solid letters. -One criticism would be the fact that the letters are all kind of independently doing their own thing. -They come off a little stiff and dont interact with one another as much as I think they could have. However, overall I like how this looks. That Wavy cloud with the stars in it does just enough to make the whole 'space' thing work, along with those deathstar looking things -nice touches. Another cool aspect of this piece is I like how you conveyed some interesting twisty 3D stuff in a flat 2D way.

    Thanks to all who participated! You can see all the entries here.
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  2. Nucks Gac

    Nucks Gac Senior Member

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    #2??? Lol no way. Agree to disagree.
  3. sneuf

    sneuf New Member

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    don't understand the #2 ..
  4. TabsOne

    TabsOne Member

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    He explained #2 pretty well on why he chose it... What didn't you understand?
  5. TabsOne

    TabsOne Member

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    Congrats to the 1st place!!! Man that piece is bananas!!! I would consider buying that cuz I love rick and morty and you tore the word Galaxy the fuck up... Super bangin piece... Wish I would have joined this battle! missed out
  6. Bharles762

    Bharles762 New Member

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  7. Bharles762

    Bharles762 New Member

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  8. Hentai lord eroge

    Hentai lord eroge New Member

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    Don't know why people are hating on two. Sure 3rd place has a nice color scheme and 3d mechanics, but structurally 2 is superior. Each letter has good individual flow that benifits the structure and flow of the whole piece. Considering the 1st and 3rd place i think the ranking is perfectly justified.
  9. skrit.

    skrit. Senior Member

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    Yeah most of the letters don't have much going on. Look at the A. Insane piece though
  10. Uncle Spaceman NSF

    Uncle Spaceman NSF New Member

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    i must of misread... i thought this was what it was gone be judged on... with the exception of the first one.... also don't really get how you see anything traditional about the letter style of 2... and 3 you gave criticisms too? not that the fills and shading techniques aren't awesome... but if its being judged on balance and letter strength ewok is high as fuck

    • Strength of the individual letters
    • The interaction between the letters, interesting connections etc.
    • The motion or 'swing/bounce' of the letters
    • The overall composition/balance of the piece (balance doesn't not necessarily mean symmetry, -it can be totally asymmetrical if it works)
    • Originality! You don't need to re-invent the wheel here, but use a solid foundation of lettering styles/ graffiti traditions and add your own isms/ personality to it.
    • Extras (Optional): solid background elements, character elements etc. to enhance your overall presentation. Don't make these the main focal point of your piece, but rather support for your letters. NOTE: In a strong piece, the letters should stand on their own; bit these elements, if done properly can push it from an 'A' to an 'A+'.
  11. knowme

    knowme Senior Member

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    1. Dales
    2. Korb
    3. Jean-Jean94

    Change my mind