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Rip Waster12

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Nemz

    Nemz Member

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    never new him but loved his work R.I.P waster
  2. graffmom

    graffmom Member

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    Again i am forced to speak out. I have raised Antonio ALONE, never sent him to daycare, homeschooled Him , raised him in the country, by the oceanside other time. bought him 2 sheeps one time to humour him and he built a little platform for them to jump from and fool around. i took care of my kids and i know them well.most of you guys parents dont even know about bombing science never mind the rest.Antonio has this Honesty & carried his huge army bag full of cans whether people like it or not. i always encouraged Him to draw, paint, as a child i always got the best stuff in art for Him even though i was not matrially rich. On this forum i was accused , why??? Antonio's family is composed of me his mother, keisha his 12 yrs old sister joshua his 20 months old brother and his 21 yrs old sister who was like a twin to him. he had no life insurance as i have none since we don't believe in these things. i didnt want him to be embalmed, the law permits you this but then you can't have service with body in funeral home. i got to see Tony as did his sisters. It was mindblowing, He was perfect & beautiful radiating an energy that wrapped us in a bubble of protection.....He did not kill himself easily like many of you ARE saying.What i find terrible but im not surprised , is that you say many of you that you are his family, his friend his homie etc--but the only thing you are ready to do is rip piece etc that's all, you buried my son without knowing, without wanting to KNOW the know cowards are everywhere,they are sometimes cops, sometimes jail guards teachers, and now Tony knows they are sometimes painters.... i taught Tony not to respect blindly but to give respect to those that earned it. i have many people that came forward and emailed me missing true details and thats ok but doesnt anyone think here?? expertise of a computer is so easily done. getting a drug-pusherman off the way easy also--but getting someone to realize that they cannot get away with tempering evidence and hiding, destroying truths that's another matter. its funny that after reading this last post i realize what ive always known and what Antonio just realized You are all exactly like the people you criticize-----they crap on you with their big cars, houses etc and you randomly spray on them.....My Son was not perfect but you could discuss ANYTHING with Him, he was interested in many other things and until this last weeks was not a drug user .........again i say when someone wants to spread lies, accuse me of whatever let them come publicly with facts now--im a big blonde girl i can handle it. ill remind you thats democracy but you seem to want to bury that also.
    Antonio's mother diana
  3. meks

    meks Senior Member

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  4. flips25

    flips25 Member

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  5. DISP DA<

    DISP DA< Member

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    never met him but I enjoyed his work
  6. chalo500

    chalo500 Member

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    Tony’s mother is a liar. She has always been. Tony and his sister lived with me too for many years. Now, like always people eventually catch up with her lies. She then moves somewhere else where she can con new people. She dragged Tony along. They went to several schools, which is easily verifiable if any of you doubt it. Tony and his sister should’ve been home schooled. However, she used their books’ money for cocaine and pills. Diane is the main cause he committed suicide. He lost his friends over and over throughout the years. It was very difficult for him to make new one because he was shy. It took quite a while for Tony to be able to open up. Tony tried to change his life, but Diane kept on caging him. He was manipulated by her. Diane uses anyone at hand to create tragedies which she then utilizes to become a victim. She even uses Tony’s suicide to portray herself as a model mother and a victim. The fact is, she didn’t even pay for the funeral, only made it harder for the rest of us. Tony tried to find a family in the street, but she took advantage and tortured him until she drove him to suicide. It never matters to her as long as she can be the victim and use it to her benefit. It is not the first time she does it either. Diane sexually and mentally abused a teenager in Princeville years ago. He also tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, they found him in time before he died. Also, her mother lost a child because Diane determined to have a hissy fit. While her mother bled in the floor she decided it was too much work for her to walk to the neighbor’s and get help. Diane is a grotesque human being. You guys had become Tony’s family. Bless you.
  7. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    please keep this thread clean

    from now on only posts of symapthy and consolences towards tony's death will be kept

    any issues about his family and/or pointing fingers at people will not be tolerated (from diane or from friends)

    on behalf of bombingscience and everyone here
    we wish everyone, who hurts because of his loss, our greatest love
    and hopes that people can only understand that suicide is painful for everyone, including those that werent close/friends with him, every life is vaulable

    RIP tony
  8. RTJM

    RTJM Member

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    R.I.P Waster 12. You didnt know me, and i didnt know you, but i saw alot of shit you did in the metro, that shit was phat. All i can say is R.I.P

    You Are Not Forgotten
  9. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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    theres nothin wrong with the truth no matter how hard and difficult it is,
    i found that one out myself
  10. chalo500

    chalo500 Member

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    Msfyt: the truth has many facets. Diane posted some comments that needed to be answered. Are you going to delete or censor postings fo certain subjects? If you do I hope it is fair and both sides get the same treatment.

    Waster was my son
    To me he was my Tony baloney
    I cut his umbilical cord
    when he was just
    a wrinkly, slimy little thing.
    Good things happened
    to him
    from the start.
    It seemed to me
    he would always
    fall on his feet.
    I was wrong.
    I was away.
    I failed to see
    his suffering
    and despair.
    What I saw
    was his talent.
    I saw people
    coming alive
    when he walked in.
    Many of you know him
    in different ways.
    A different person for each.
    with the same needs.
    I feel pain
    and anger
    and helplessness
    That I can?t do anything
    for him
    Except say
    that I loved him
    that he taught me to enjoy
    details in life
    I didn't notice before
    If you ever saw him eat
    you know
    how he could savor
    a simple french fry
    like it were
    something extraordinary.
    He lived art
    and I learned from him.
    How can so much passion for life
    in one person
    with depths of depression
    and despair?
    I wish I could?ve helped.
    I wish I can help those
    that feel like him.
    Like I have felt
    at times
    That I can tell you
    about my Tony baloney
    when he was younger,
    he got so hurt
    and damaged.
    That you can see
    his beauty
    and forget his straying
    from his path to greatness.
    I was Waster's dad: Gonzo
  11. Tensor

    Tensor Member

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    I didnt know the guy, first time i heard bout him is this thread. Ive read some of what people have sayd here and its a shame what happened. I saw his pieces, he was an great artist indeed. Huge thoughts to his family and those who loved him and was there for him when he was alive.

    May his soal rest in piece
  12. DiStOrTiOn

    DiStOrTiOn Senior Member

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    i have seen much of his work, he was a true artist, i did not have the pleasure of knowing him personally, condolences to family and friends.
    May He Rest In Peace
  13. fuckthatshit

    fuckthatshit Banned

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    rip man took me up my highest scaffolding ..even tho i robbed his marker. this shit is gona sit on my mind like a bad habit.
    may you be in peace at last..
    i guess all you fucks finally got did the job somewhere along the way...
    its a shame
  14. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    All the raging, fighting, accusing, and questioning of truths wont bring him back....
    All that really matters now is that a great artist is lost, and worse, a human heart and soul gone with it...
    [Broken External Image]:

    Rest in Peace Waster...Cezr will remember, along with many, many others.
  15. senDboij

    senDboij Senior Member

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    i saw him 2 times..

    he was someone i really wish i wouldv talked to more even though what people thaugh of him.. even before reading this i knew he was somekind of metawarrior..

    im really sorry for what happened...

    livin on the edge of mind is dangerous but how so marking..

    that prod wouldv been fire waster

    [Broken External Image]:
  16. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    i never knew him persnally but i can say i respected him as an artist...
    i always looked forward to his posts...
    and i can honeslty say that he was one of my biggest inspirations in graff, that i have ever known....
    i alwas saved his pics he posted as a reminder that yes, i could be that good someday if i kept at it...i appreciate all that he has contributed and he will be missed as an artist and as a person........
  17. chalo500

    chalo500 Member

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    For any of you who is curious, Tony's first tag was on my canoe. When he was about six I gave him and his sister a box of paint cans and told them to dcorate my plain looking aluminum canoe. It was unique. His talent showed from the start.
  18. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    man, this shit honestly depresses me and i dident even know him on a personal level.
    Rest in peace man.
  19. BeeOne234...

    BeeOne234... Elite Member

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    gonzo i sent you the photographs...from when he was young to recent...
  20. Gome-tron

    Gome-tron Senior Member

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    :( I just watched gummo
    reminded me of waste

    Rest peacefully :(