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Searching for a tag name

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by androspapa, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. androspapa

    androspapa New Member

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    I am new and i am searching for a name to start! the one i found is bark! there is nobody with the same name in my country! i would like some comments about the name or any suggestions?
  2. SAYO

    SAYO Member

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    Google that shit. Google has extentions for different countries. Do your research and actually read the toy section because there are eighty other threads asking the SAME DAMN THING!!!! Do the letters flow? does it have meaning to you? ETC. Stop being lazy and research this shit. I am a toy myself but god damn how many fucking threads are going to be opened asking the SAME DAMN THING!
  3. osber

    osber Senior Member

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    BARK is a philadelphia writer who's very talented. But what are you worried about in cyprus?
  4. inkbits

    inkbits Senior Member

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    Don't choose a "name" to practice and try to make the word look cool, that is what makes people toy. Forget the name you can sort that out that later, if you are new to writting... all you need to do is just write.

    ...."write" everything you normally write in day to day life, write notes for people, write essays or whatever ...write anything you would normally write but start to add some flare to your normal handwritting amd move it to a style.

    Handstyle is your own langauge you can craft, vary and make up yourself, it's your own flexible 'font' and it is endless.

    End of day you aim to be able to write a decent 'language' not a decent 'word'. I've never met a good writter that can only write a name really well.

    Write a lot of handstyle but write full sentences and random words not a 'name' you decided to call yourself. Write everything and develop a style then you will know what your best letters are, then you can make a "name" based on your stongest letters and how they mesh together.

    At first get lined paper to keep the shit reasonable, use your normal handwritting and go from there (where could you flare/flick out a line?... or where could a letter flow to the next ?). Don't use pencil use pen, commit to a letter and get a flow.

    ...dont stick to the lines on the paper religiously but write on the lines and get a basic handwitting feel/form that will become your "language".

    thats my advice take it for what it worth.