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Self-tought Or You Had A Tutor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AKalien, Dec 15, 2005.

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How did you learn

  1. Self-tought

  2. had somewhat of a tutor

  3. had somebody hold your hand the whole way to teach you

  4. bites off somebody else

  1. PanDEMIC

    PanDEMIC Senior Member

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    i was born with a can of rusto in my hand and i did like 4 throw ups on the inner walls of my moms uterus on the way out.
  2. shamee1991

    shamee1991 Elite Member

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  3. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    I was inspired by some msk writers who gave me my first marker and helped me write...then I stopped for a while and forgot a I'm working on erry thing by myself so I put somewhat of a tutor
  4. leg-e-leg

    leg-e-leg Senior Member

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    certified gangsta B)
  5. bigtakeover

    bigtakeover Senior Member

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    i wish i had a tutor, might not have taken me so long to stop putting up sub-par shit.
  6. avore

    avore Banned

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    shit im livin in a small town with no other writers so im teachin mysef.....i just look at pics on the net cus i dont get out this town much ......fuck small towns
  7. speak_to_spawn

    speak_to_spawn Member

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    where is your small town??
  8. BeeOne234...

    BeeOne234... Elite Member

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    i miss waste :(
  9. "Skab"

    "Skab" Member

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    taught myself
    but i was inspired by Augs CBS
  10. Rank!

    Rank! Member

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    I have to do everything myself a small town you have no one to look to ...
    i go to Atlanta sometimes but no one's ever friendly enough to help out or give tips.
  11. Chie

    Chie Member

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    At first, I taught myself how to graff. Then I've met these 2 guys who are guiding me right now...
  12. joshBUST!

    joshBUST! Member

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    i had somewhat of a tutor. I had a friend who had been painting a little over a year. There is this freewall at the local college we would go to when i first started and he would just help show me basic shit that for some reason you just dont think about when you start. It was also a good place to see other peoples styles.
  13. Jason Voorhies

    Jason Voorhies Senior Member

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  14. Ratikoner

    Ratikoner Senior Member

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    had sum what of a tutor...good tutor too...if it wasnt for him acctually prolly wouldnt be into graff...taught me the basics n most of the stuff that i first learned...then i kinda went off on my own...but he still helps a good amount...useually when it comes to painting now

    hes a BASTard
  15. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    self taught. ^_^
  16. xXSARSXx

    xXSARSXx Senior Member

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    im self taught....i look at peoples peices tho to get ideas and wut not on how they flowed the letters together and stuff and color schemes
  17. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    well everyone does their own thing sooner or later, but every single graffiti writer had pointers and teqnuices shown to them by someone of a higher level...either talking to them or showing them in person
  18. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    my style and letters and hands are completly self tought i do agree with shifted though.

    i had somebody who wasnt anything good tell me if my shit was ugly or not and gave me idea rarly but tought me alot about differewnt local writers and how you have o respect people.

    i guess im still self tought then
  19. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    ups to anyone who says they're completely self taught, i know my stuff would look a hell of a lot worse if i didnt have a few heads telling me what not to do.
  20. faime

    faime Senior Member

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    some what had a tutuor

    in the beggining i had no inspiration, i had no clue what i was doing

    then i met zion one he gave me some handstyles

    before bombing i drew characters so i put that shit in my style