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Shit people told you while u were tagging

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wrekstyle, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. AteskOne

    AteskOne Elite Member

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  2. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    Haha that fucking homeless part made me rofl.
  3. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    "Put your hands behind your head! Put your fucking hands on your head! (Draws gun) When I tell you to do something you do it the first time, understand?! Roger, we have two in apprehension down here, calling for more back up."

    Yeah, that was a fun one.
  4. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    i caught a huge hollow on a main wall next to this almost empty parking lot. only other car in it was halfway across and it was just some kids. one of them started yelling "oh shit! that's awesome! graffiti!" and when i was done he yelled "thank you!" so i waved.

    when i was real young, like in 6th grade i hit up a stop sign in my cousin's suburban neighborhood and some middle aged lady rolled up and said "go do that in your own neighborhood!" and sped off

    i've also gotten shit like "do you think that's really art?" or "now was that necessary?" and i usually just nod my head yes
  5. m+s

    m+s Senior Member

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    hahahaha, sounds about right
  6. CeseOne

    CeseOne Member

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    haha i was just tagging this little plastic thing with a marker behind a safeway when this old guy comes out of nowhere, he read this thing on my hoodie that said "1984" and he kept saying "1984, i have your information!" haha. old people are too funny...
  7. hit-man

    hit-man Member

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    mostly people saying " what does that say"
  8. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    "Isn't that illegal?!"
    -Course not, now piss off.


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    spot was behind a garage at like 12 ish
    so were not expecting anyone to be in the shop that late so were just bombing this uhual looking truck thinkin nothin to worry bout then...
    BAM! motherfucker threw like a wrench or suttin at my boy and was like get the fuck outta here you fucking punks some classic line like that but shit i thought that was some funny ass shit how he must have been like watching us and snuck up on us to get close enough to throw whatever he did cuz that shit was mad loud then ofcourse we just took off runnin like anyone would
  10. H1P30N3R

    H1P30N3R Elite Member

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    an old woman asked me what my throw means and I have also heard your a toy ... which I agree with
  11. peng.2

    peng.2 Senior Member

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    him- hey what are you doing?!?
    me- eat a dick..
    -tire screech..
  12. wsbkrew

    wsbkrew Banned

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    well 1 i can really rember was when a guy said

    guy-stop doing that
    guy-because they just put that there
    me-i went up to him and said you want to put your tag up
    guy-yea give me the marker
    then i just followed him and had a convo never saw him again hahaha
    and lots of times ive been graffen and someone will just walk past and just look dont say a thing there the mad cunts
  13. Spark391

    Spark391 Senior Member

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    Few years ago, I was doing just some fast shit in a yard, and about a 50-year-old guy with big moustache walks by, talking with his phone and saying "yeah. i got a kid in here creating some design shit" (not the exact words.. but basically the sentence, hard to capture the flow if translated in english, he said it in some kind of extra weird slang terms)..

    And once, while I was pieceing in quite big yard (big abaonded area, 6 smaller houses, kilometers of concrete walls etc) there were bunch of guys playing paintball, most of them were working in police. One of them came to talk with me, and told some stories about him writing, said he did it about 15 years ago.. Before of that, bunch of other policemen checked out what I was doing, and they were okay with that. It's funny who you can meet sometimes.
  14. Speedy

    Speedy Senior Member

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    Spark I don't know where the hell you live but that isn't how the people are that I experienced. That's how cops SHOULD be. People be out murdering other people and they're worried about some fucking paint. I wish a cop would dig my stuff.
  15. Spark391

    Spark391 Senior Member

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    Speedy - i'm not saying that every cop in here is as cool like that, but it was thanks to that that the place i was painting was very abaonded, just a relaxed yard. but if some of those cops would had catched me doing it somewere publicly/ half publicly i would doubt that they would be cool with that. Even if i had rocked a seriously big thing on a wall.. But i feel ya, it's quite stupied. there are lot more serious things than graffiti going on in the streets. Luckily here the fines etc. aren't that big than in America, mostly because the culture hasn't been around for that long we haven't done that much damage, it's a small country etc. Btw, I'm from Estonia.. It's seriously retarded to read news that are going on in the states, I think one kid just recently got 6-9 years? or something like that, very long period, just for tagging. Like wtf.
  16. opte one

    opte one Senior Member

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    those woop woop stories are great something similar happned to me and my mates lol

    me and my mate were doin throws behind this quite viewable garage,and my mate had his phone playin music and the next song came on was about the ghetto and began with police sirens me and my mate went off runnin an my other mates just stood an laughed
  17. ViniVidiVici

    ViniVidiVici Senior Member

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    I was walking my dog at night and I saw a spot that I wanted to hit, so I had my marker and I started tagging it and a homeless guy comes up and starts asking me about my dog and what kind it is and stuff. hahaha I was still tagging during all of it was the best part.
  18. pilerskee

    pilerskee Senior Member

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    got me laughing

    and dont really remember any but one came to mind: fews years ago, hit a handstyle on some wall then walked a few metres forward to hit this other one and i hard some ladys voice.."dont do a tag on my property" and i mumble 'yer..k'...yer so pretty shit but yeh..
  19. Snot

    Snot Senior Member

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    I've dropped scratchies on the subway and got the 'you know my tax dollars pay to clean that up?'
    but its usually followed by 'no. no they dont.'
  20. Saiko

    Saiko Senior Member

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    I walk under a bridge that i spotted one day and there's a couple there. I slowly started to take out a can then ask the guy "you dont mind if i ..." he says "go ahed my nig9a"
    about 6 min later, they start getting really intimate. So the guy says "Yo, can you leave till i bust a nut?"