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Should I change my tag?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Raykelly, Jan 14, 2019.

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  1. Raykelly

    Raykelly New Member

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    So I used to write skema, however I fell out with the name. I played around with a few letters I like,and came up with "skezm" I really like this name, the problem is I found there is another quite big writer in my capital city that writes "kezm". He's good but hated, nearly every crew in my country lines his stuff. Will people think I'm biting his tag if I write skezm? Could writers think I'm kezm and line me? I thought about writing "skzem" but I think it dosnt flow as well.ive been stuck on this for a while. Thank you for reading, any opinions I welcome.
  2. Lucas Cane

    Lucas Cane New Member

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    Just change it or drop that m so you have Skez. That isnt so similar that someone would line you, esspecially if you have different style
  3. Raykelly

    Raykelly New Member

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  4. PeskDos

    PeskDos Elite Member

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    Just quit graff