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Sketch Battle 1.02 - Voting Poll

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by imported_newz12, Aug 6, 2005.

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Who is the winner of the battle?

  1. Basik

    0 vote(s)
  2. Geez

  3. Headache

  4. Jesk

    0 vote(s)
  5. Lumos

    0 vote(s)
  6. Morph

    0 vote(s)
  7. Pink Taco

    0 vote(s)
  8. Rude One

  9. Sileph

    0 vote(s)
  10. Toobs

    0 vote(s)
  11. Waster12

  1. DRIXone

    DRIXone New Member

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    i lost to sum goodddd compeditors. props to all who participated including myself.

    DRIXone <-----
  2. Rudeone dc5

    Rudeone dc5 Member

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    most of the contestants are known montreal writers.

    for those wondering where they came from,, alot of writers check the main BS page but not the forums, and as this battle gets announced on the main page they entered.

    thx for the people supporting me though im pretty sure ima lose to pink taco. my fave is rudes.

    yes alot of hot ones didnt make it to the finals cuz they didnt have much work put in it. like lumos, fucking hot but well its lacking some jazz.. letters are really nice, surprised me cuz they are almost identical to mine haha, jsut less techy and with more flow.. [/b][/quote]
    Thanks man, Props to all who entered,
    Thanks to all who showed some love towards me,
    looks like Pink Taco and Waster are in the hot race, but LUMOS is catching up,
    feels like im at the hoarse races.....
  3. MoRpH

    MoRpH Senior Member

    • Messages: 289
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    pink taco for me... no doubt. ...and me for sure. the colors are hallucinogen.
    come in my world. hhhhhooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    props to all the finalists!
  4. anza

    anza Senior Member

    • Messages: 146
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    my vote goes to gesa.
  5. fact4

    fact4 Member

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  6. Rogan

    Rogan Senior Member

    • Messages: 454
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    wow is all i can say to everyone in that....damn good drawings...

    voted basik though cause its the closest to my style...lumos was second for me
  7. who is mike nome

    who is mike nome Member

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    rude is the shit B) representing the chi ;)
  8. StoopKid

    StoopKid Senior Member

    • Messages: 403
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    they don't have to be a postwhore to be good at graffiti
  9. empty can

    empty can Senior Member

    • Messages: 179
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    I second that last post ^^^
  10. saynt

    saynt Member

    • Messages: 42
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    morph it looks awesome with those differnt colors that i barley see around
  11. StarzAbove

    StarzAbove Senior Member

    • Messages: 97
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    They were all pretty good! Good job peeps
    I felt that
    Geez o'ds with the coloring.
    Jesk's was ill but put way too many played out arrows & stars.
    Waster shouldn't of put the throw in there.
  12. MitNGEK

    MitNGEK Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,042
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    i voted 4 jesk that shit was clean
  13. empty can

    empty can Senior Member

    • Messages: 179
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    whats with the tape on headache's pic??????
  14. ando_preparado

    ando_preparado Member

    • Messages: 37
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    i had to censor something out.

    but anyway, props to all, all the sketches are tight, and props to jesk and sileph who aren't gettin the votes, but for my tastes, are two of the hotter sketches of the battle.
  15. wind chimes

    wind chimes Senior Member

    • Messages: 253
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    wow, all those sketches are so good, i'll have to go with pink taco, even though all of them are so incredibly dope :eek:
  16. Drummer Boy

    Drummer Boy Member

    • Messages: 21
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    Jesk for me because it makes me feel at home.
  17. adrunk

    adrunk Senior Member

    • Messages: 204
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    waster for showr. dont like pinks lettering.
  18. its about time

    its about time Senior Member

    • Messages: 136
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    next battle should be black and white
    so people cant hide their ugly letters behind pretty coloring
  19. .A.K.4.7.

    .A.K.4.7. Elite Member

    • Messages: 3,983
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    what the hell r u talking about me?
  20. .A.K.4.7.

    .A.K.4.7. Elite Member

    • Messages: 3,983
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    fuckin lumos! dopest colours sick letters simple style