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Sketch Battle Winners (October 2017)

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Nov 6, 2017.

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  1. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    The results are in!

    Rasko decided of these 3 winners:

    1st Place: Ples1 aka AP2B


    2nd Place: RemeR


    3rd Place: synthetix saiNee


    Thanks to all who participated, the battle was epic!
    If you want to see all the submitted sketched, you can check them here.
  2. Evase

    Evase New Member

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    Wow.... Another disappointment.

    Not even any comments on why these were the winners, or special mentions of any of the other entries... seems quite slack.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  3. Mista Sizm

    Mista Sizm New Member

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    Also, these guys look like they already have plenty decent markers, would've been nice to see at least one person win who could actually benefit from the prize.... Decent styles though, except for the first one, seems like that was all about the fill and background... Oh well, at least we tried....
  4. TabsOne

    TabsOne Senior Member

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    All these were dope and deserve the spot they got!!! Good judging rasko! And thanx for the challenge Bombing Science!!!
    This wasnt a battle of who needs the markers the most ^^^ and this was a first second third place battle..... as far as i remember there was no mention of special mentions, so why would rasko do special mentions....
  5. MIUNZ

    MIUNZ Senior Member

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    Agree with tabs on this one those entries are all dope. Dont be a hater congratulate. These guys put in the work and came out on top awesome competition in my opinion
  6. Maltzzz

    Maltzzz New Member

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  7. Flow845

    Flow845 Senior Member

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    I think the winners are true. Rasko was the judge. Chosen for a reason; "Rasko is looking for real style and cool letters with great dynamics."
  8. Slagz

    Slagz New Member

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    Congrats to the winners!!!!! And for the rest of us , at least we got experience haha :D
  9. Kico One

    Kico One Member

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    Good battle. Nice sketches.
  10. Stainz37

    Stainz37 New Member

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    Win or Lose, I enjoyed the buzz of this sketch battle. Thanks B.S.
  11. emptyvice

    emptyvice New Member

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    Pienso que estan bien escogidos los ganadores,( felicitaciones para ellos)...considerando el estilo "clásico" más tipico de la escena europea como referente, malo que no se consideren otros estilos un poco mas originales e innovadores, cosa que se hubiera logrado alomejor con mas jueces, no solo todas maneras disfrute participando y es muy buena iniciativa.....
  12. rer

    rer New Member

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    Richboys are fools
  13. TabsOne

    TabsOne Senior Member

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  14. Louie partridge

    Louie partridge New Member

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