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small town bombing tips

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by anonymdkfratrekanten, Aug 3, 2019.

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  1. anonymdkfratrekanten

    anonymdkfratrekanten Member

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    I live in a small town (60.000) and want some tips. First time bombing I was masked all the trip, and as I think back on it, was it really necessary? I tagged in the inner city.

    how do you go about bombing? Also.. should you take a backpack on or just have the cans in a grocerybag? As a kid I will look suspecious nevertheless and a backpack you can at least run away faster

    I have hood on but is that stupid?

    some tips would be appreciated : >
  2. Mr_Total_Summer

    Mr_Total_Summer New Member

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    I think it's a good advice if I say : do not paint near your home and don't trace the road by tagging all the way from spots to you house.

    Being masked all the trip is like holding a blinking sign who says that you planned to do something illegal, BUT if you can avoid every people you meet in the street, then you can be sure that not a single camera saw your face that night.
    Indeed, where I live, the mask is not that useful in the streets and on the railways. Check spots before painting and see if you need it.

    It's my own opinion but I personnally think that a teenage with a backpack looks less suspicious than a full grown adult lurking the streets at no hours with a grocerybag making can noises.
    By night you will prefer having a backpack, mostly for long travels and by day a grocerybag Might look less suspicious depending on where you paint.
  3. Qubic

    Qubic Senior Member

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    Is 60,000 your towns population? That's huge compared to where I am lol.

    There's no active writers where I am so I tag sparingly to not draw too much attention. I assess where I want to tag for a couple days before I tag - work out if there's any cameras or eyes and if there's a shadow I can hide in

    I wear some old clothes that I don't wear at any other time and a beanie hat pulled down low that I also don't wear any other time. If there is a security camera then I put my little dust/face mask on just before I get to that camera

    You don't really need a backpa k unless your doing throwies and need more than one can. I do mostly use a padded carrier bag though as its harder to identify than a back pack. Hundreds of people can have the same carrier bag. Or if you get some mini cans you can just carry one in your pocket
  4. anonymdkfratrekanten

    anonymdkfratrekanten Member

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    Thanks for the tips. How many tags can you do with those montana mini cans?
  5. anonymdkfratrekanten

    anonymdkfratrekanten Member

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    yeah I've met some people with my mask on I couldn't avoid. It looks scary as hell especially at night and I think it somehow have saved me a lot of times because it scares the living crap out of people, than if they saw I'm just a young dude. Some man with his girlfriend saw me, several years older and he just stopped and said: ohh.. you can just tag ok.. awkwardly..

    I'm unsure if it's safe to do at day where I live as people are very stricht towards graffiti in my town making anti graffiti fb groups etc..

    Just to throw this one in... funniest shit I've ever happened to come by when throwing in a small tunnel was a couple having extreme hard rough sex. heard that shit blocks away after leaving, poor neighbours..
  6. Qubic

    Qubic Senior Member

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    You mean these 150ml?... Lemme count..

    I think 10 plus a 3ft throwie outline. I reckon the cans got 2 tags left before I have trouble

    And geeze what sort of mask do you use? I just use standard haha


  7. anonymdkfratrekanten

    anonymdkfratrekanten Member

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    I hold my breath when bombing so I just use a black neck these since they don't look suspecious compared to balaclava or bandana and hold on tight

    It's not a special mask I just think that people don't expect someone to hide their face in nightime when they're walking alone.. Some old lady saw me also and she just quickly looked away. When I'm out from what i've learned is the majority of people are too scared to say anything. Haven't met those old crazy men yet but I'm sure they'll come, gotta stay safe though
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  8. Brøndby if

    Brøndby if Member

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    i can see we both are from the same country.... what town are you talking about?
  9. hungover

    hungover Elite Member

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    Just know your area. Small towns usually have some good chill spots if you look around.

    IMO Its not really worth going hardcore in smaller towns since 1) Who the fuck cares if you go all city in bumfuck nowhere 2) Small town police and residences have way more time and resources on their hands to investigate you
  10. ......

    ...... New Member

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    Trekantsområdet indtil jeg flytter til storbyen.
  11. VoidMirror

    VoidMirror New Member

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    I've been told it's also a good idea to mask up because the spray dies your nose hairs and if you get caught that is a key way to tell if you were bombing.