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Small Town?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Eye-Dea, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. DKrew

    DKrew Member

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    I live in a little bum fuck county in GA.
    I put up stickers around my campus, but they all got taken down quick fast.
    I don't dare to paint b/c its a school dayumit!

    Can't wait to get back home in Atlanta...suppose to get up foreal when I get back with a friend. Can't wait...but for now...stickers and stencils.
  2. 3mpir3

    3mpir3 Senior Member

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  3. Jroc1993

    Jroc1993 Elite Member

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    i live in a pretty small town n i only started last summer n already have more stuff then im just waitin for the heat lol!
  4. sylvan18

    sylvan18 Senior Member

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    I live in a deadbeat town with deadbeat parednts so its my job to make things more exciting ;)
  5. [breakout]-azer

    [breakout]-azer Senior Member

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    same it so so deadbeat about my town
  6. Noddles912300

    Noddles912300 Senior Member

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    Kinda small town mostly filled with "rich kids" (apparently that is what my town is known for). It kind of sucks here cause no one really does graffiti besides me in my grade, and theres only a few people who does graffiti here and i dont know them :( .
  7. [N01R]

    [N01R] Member

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    yeah i live in kingston ont which is a fairly small town, but what really blows is that no one does it so if you get up everywhere and get busted then theres probly No one eles who writes your word and also does anybody have any advice on how to get past the parents when it come to graffiti??
  8. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    omfg stop with the friging repetion of post, i think it a excuse to get ur post higher, you use the same words as the next person in like half ur post do that and its anooying as hell.
    well im happy now..

    well about hte parentes thing, keep ur paint at someone elses house i guess i dunno really. unless u wanna tell them which i cnat....
  9. [breakout]-azer

    [breakout]-azer Senior Member

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    im the only person that does it in like my school, but one of my mates nos some of the taggers from around were i live vut like ive never met them and he wont tell me who they are.
  10. .*Grey.

    .*Grey. Member

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    There's only 14 thou in my town, a few writers but nothing special. I got in the local news lol.

    I'm not proud haha everything gets in the local news
  11. Game Ova 07

    Game Ova 07 Senior Member

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    ahh not wicked small but...its a small enoghn town for no one to know anything about graff i got into from this toy named cry baby...who stole the name from the game getting up (KRY ONE) but i eventually found out great writers like spek nezo and fone had written in our town so initially thats why i wanna get up
  12. DROOL

    DROOL Member

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    I have a small town with no where to tag. All I have is schools near me too.
  13. KEAZE

    KEAZE Senior Member

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    (705) mite as well be a pimple on a pigs ass! no crime so graffiti is public enemy #1!!!! atown full of toys hopefully shit gets movin soon
  14. xXSARSXx

    xXSARSXx Senior Member

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    my town is pretty small but ther are probly 5 shitty ass writers then me and my friend are the best in the town but i like living in a smaller town because i dont have to worry about gangs and such
  15. plz

    plz Member

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    god i live in a small town there is one piece of graff. in my entire town, and alll it is, is a shitty smiling and frowning face one an a big ice freezer WE HAVE NO WRITERS!
  16. sabe2

    sabe2 Senior Member

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    the only graff at my small town is under the bridges me and 4 other peaple bomb around town but theres only one prerson good his name is sen
  17. Game Ova 07

    Game Ova 07 Senior Member

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    never heard of sen...what state
  18. liltaz78

    liltaz78 Senior Member

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    My town is so fucking small. You get a 300$$ fine just for writeing with a marker it fucking sucks. There all shity writers around here. And there one timers. They will do something once and then move on. The only good ones are My 2 friends and i. But i haven't done anything in while cuz of the winter and shit now i'm rusty so i have to get back into it.
  19. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    i think theirs about five writers in my city of 45k. They all tick me off..They waste good walls doing shitty bombs that arent filled in(Lay ups i think its called??)
    And suppsoedly one of the best artists is named A-traine(Big rip off of that game)
  20. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    ok i live in a town wit bout 200,000 people and the only writers ive seen that put shit EVERYWHERE is this guy that writes "DAT" and this guy who writes "AIDS" yea...ima tryin n get gud and flip tha skrip on this bitch!! :D <_< :angry: <_< :D