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Small Town?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Eye-Dea, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. medacog1

    medacog1 Senior Member

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    Few good writers (6), 1 good crew, less then 15 isn't bad...but not to good.
  2. hardip

    hardip New Member

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    yeah i have the same problem no one in my town writes there's no graffiti ANY WARE but in the next town over seance its alot bigger there's alot more graffiti
  3. BigBlueViolence

    BigBlueViolence Elite Member

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  4. dreaken1993

    dreaken1993 Senior Member

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    one of the biggest cites in indiana(not saying much) not one serious writer except me that i can tell, like 5 toys in a crew, a couple tags from a nice crew who just came through like 5 years ago
  5. Crush97

    Crush97 Member

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    Jersey City? Im from Hillside its gayy very few writers theres OMEN,WAKO,YES,AND ME OF COURSE SYK aka Fist
  6. mmm_spraypaint

    mmm_spraypaint Member

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    any writers from new zealand? cant remember if ive already asked or not
  7. "Mafi"

    "Mafi" Senior Member

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    I'm the only one in my town who writes apart from gangs....
    Shits lame
  8. Murphy's law

    Murphy's law Senior Member

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    there's so few of us in my town that if anything goes up the cops know who does it.... Which kinda sucks so i just do stickers and eggs....
  9. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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    My town isn't small. But theres no graff here. I've pretty much hit the all the good places. But theres a place where they just store trains on the side of the road with no fence or anything. Theres some toy tags behind a video store and some biter who did an exact copy of a cope bomb. I live by detroit but i can't drive yet so i bike evrywhere.
  10. barks

    barks Senior Member

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    me and my friend are the only writers in town that ive actually seen on the streets
    my towns so small that people have nothing better to do then paint over graff like right away
    my shit only stays up for like 2 days if that even
    its nonsense, my stickers and little tags stay up for awhile but nothing big
  11. -Wings-

    -Wings- Senior Member

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    I like the scene here, not much crews but it is out there alot.
    Alot of toys not knowing what there doing, 3 huge crews, and a couple huge artist.
  12. Culture_Shock

    Culture_Shock Senior Member

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    mmm small town drama! The worst part is,

    bored cops

    I went down an alley on my way home from the yard, and decided to catch one on a dumpster. No biggie, eh? well some guy pokes his head out his window and yells down at me, says hes calling the cops. I decided to cut around the way i came, and as soon as i get around the next block, a cruiser goes flying down the alley i was in. I decide to ditch my hat and hoodie, and as i get down the street further, the cop turns down the street im on, and flies past me without a second thought. He was on a war path, like there was a robbery or something.
    Good thing I'm the kid that goes out every night for a soda and shit, no red flags there...
  13. bolou83776

    bolou83776 Banned

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  14. pox

    pox Member

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    I'm in a small industrial town that has chill yards, twenty minuets to a small city thats filled with writers, and three hours to the ATL. Good times.
  15. L33ch

    L33ch Member

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    Yal aint Nothin =. Ny town is so small the only tags r toys. Ima toy and i gets no inspiration. The only guy who added color is this guy named Sik, and it was red and white.
  16. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    In a town of around 6,500,moved here recently,no writers at all yet,but I expect some tot tags from some of the 900 bored teens to start showing up.
  17. sinkilla1

    sinkilla1 Elite Member

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    im from delaware nuff said
  18. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    Okay check it: I live in a pretty small town and over the past year or so, some kids have been destroying it (not me!). The biggest writers here are named Reor, COH, and Mr. Late. I just got an email yesterday that said this:

    hey there!
    Mr.Late here
    Albions local writter
    4got i had ur adress from graffiti world book
    you ever talk to Reor, COH, or any other vandals?
    been lookin to paint with sum people for a long ass time
    let me no whats up

    ... Does anybody else smell bacon? What do I do about it?
  19. harmlessart

    harmlessart Banned

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    I dont know, have you ever met this dude? Is there any time you could have given him your email? Its not up for us to ultimately decide lol.

    But yea anyways.. I live in a town of about 280,000.. I think. Not too many writers but there's a good handful. Personally know a couple of them. Sucks here tho, get busted super easy. Pigs love insomniacs.
  20. Jackal1347

    Jackal1347 Senior Member

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    We should get the Delaware memorial bridge. haha That shit would be on the news.