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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by comeback?, Mar 24, 2006.

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  2. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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    fuck bor im too poor for cartons
  3. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    Haha, I was in Kentucky where cigs are about 3.50 a pack, and I saw Liggets advertised for like 7 bucks a carton... I'd rather start a meth addiction.
  4. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    anyone smoke bidis? indian cigarettes?
  5. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    camel filters
    marb 27s
    camel lights
  6. anarchy

    anarchy Elite Member

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    is this kid twelve or is this kid twelve?
  7. wrek10

    wrek10 Senior Member

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    fuck yeah dude! bidis r the shit. felt like i was on weed or some shiti thought that shits from afica. my black home boy gave me a pack.haha
  8. DephOne

    DephOne Senior Member

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    What are bidis? Anything special about them?

    STONES ONES Senior Member

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    bidis are like cigar/ cigs that taste hella good. if you inhale them theyl get you really fucked up. kinda like drunk but its hella fun. untill after and you feel extremely shitty and throw up like a mother fucker.
  10. stroke

    stroke Member

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    sorry to break it to you but the natives already tought of that. 10 bucks for 200 cigs arround here, fuckin tastes like shit tough. I use to smoke em but i got tired of that shit taste after my third cartoon so im back to the good old exporta full flavor king size...9.50 a pack <_<
  11. Fits

    Fits Senior Member

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    those Bidis sound alot like Djarums....there like a clove smoke
    MM MMM MMMMM i love smoking death!
  12. tare

    tare Member

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  13. Ark9

    Ark9 Member

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    Kools milds or Lucky strikes. Its like 1.50 a pack here for luckys.
  14. WolfBurrns

    WolfBurrns Senior Member

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    Marlboro 72's, Marlboro medium, Marlboro 27.. Mmm. Newports used to be my choice of bogie but I like how Marlboros hit. Plus they got a deal where you can buy two packs for like.. 6 bucks. That'll get you one pack of Newports here.
  15. Spek4

    Spek4 Member

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    Midnight Special,mary Jane,Broncos
  16. Alchohlics_Anonymous

    Alchohlics_Anonymous Elite Member

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    Ahhh Broncos, I thought that shit would be gross, especially with a name like Broncos, but they wernt that bad.

    But yeah I love my Camel Turkish Silvers!
  17. craftedmydemise

    craftedmydemise Member

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    im a marlboro menthol kind of guy. I like the cool sensation after i rip my throat up tokin
  18. TOOK one

    TOOK one Member

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  19. -AbSrD

    -AbSrD Senior Member

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    i likes winstons for americans n ex A green

    man i quit for a month n im right back at it again.

    n ur sigs funny crafted

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    export need lungs of steel to smoke that shit...i smoke like half of one and butt it