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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by comeback?, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. SKA11289

    SKA11289 Senior Member

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    Kool Menthol Milds, smoothest and most menthol flavor IMO.
  2. TalibKweli

    TalibKweli Elite Member

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    i dont get how people can smoke menthol cigarettes
    that shit just doesnt cut it, makes my throat all raw and nasty
    but it is true that the americans have better cigarettes then us canadians
    we ruin yall when it comes to beer ;)

  3. -task-

    -task- Senior Member

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    i love a kools mild after tokin up, feels all nice and minty and shit
  4. TalibKweli

    TalibKweli Elite Member

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    didnt know shit came in mint flavor

    *jots down new point
  5. BoRe-719-

    BoRe-719- Elite Member

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    menthols fuck you up.....who really cares though

    newports are so tasty
  6. SALVO

    SALVO Elite Member

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    When I went up to Vancouver BC in June everyone I met up there was hyped on the fact I had American cigarettes and laughed when I said "fuck if I know" to all of their questions. Your beer is too expensive, I like to spend 12 bucks on a rack, get my cheap ass drink on and get grimey.

    I bought a pack of marb lights today, don't ask me why, I'm starting to feel gay already.
  7. Alchohlics_Anonymous

    Alchohlics_Anonymous Elite Member

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    Hahaha sorry man, I just spent all my money on a big investment, but Ill be making it back, if yah catch my drift. ;)

    Dont worry I havnt forgotten. Hahah.
  8. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

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    used to smoke salems but i quit CIGS ARE GAY.... all u get is a little buzz its not worth it to fuck yourself up over one little buzz.
  9. Malicious artist

    Malicious artist Senior Member

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  10. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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    golden virginia with menthol filter tips or hamlet cigars fun
    for family occasions
    some st bruno in the old pipe :wub:
  11. phoek

    phoek New Member

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    Canadian Menthol

    so tasty
    primo to batch with hash too
  12. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    congrats now go burn a witch.
  13. [NESTER]

    [NESTER] Senior Member

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    hold up this is for the first part of that "possible cancer when im like 80" i dont think so man more like probable cancer at the age of 50. It does depend on how much you smoke and what you smoke but a handful of cigarette smokers will get cancer at the age of 50+ or earlier..
  14. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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  15. ~LOOK~

    ~LOOK~ Senior Member

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  16. Red3

    Red3 Senior Member

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    man you like bad music. ;)
  17. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    kool menthol

    or parliament menthol

    menthol is key ;)
  18. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    menthol is glass lungs
  19. Stinky

    Stinky Senior Member

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    None Im none to fond of cancer personally.

  20. BohemianBastard

    BohemianBastard Senior Member

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