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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by comeback?, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. DMNDZ

    DMNDZ Member

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    Red 100s & super silver haze shatter.
  2. OAt

    OAt New Member

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    some prop 215 Cherry Ak-47.......fuck cancer sticks
  3. TwistedJunkie

    TwistedJunkie New Member

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  4. KindMargo

    KindMargo New Member

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    Hi there.
    Have problem. My boyfriend makes me give up smoking. He wants me to be a mother and don't want to marry me until I'll become a non-smoker.
    I have a question. Should I break up these relations or should I give up smoking?
    Was reading on the VapingDaily about vapes and that they can be nicotine-free. Have someone tried?
    Would be grateful for advice.
  5. Sandijs

    Sandijs Member

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    Just drop smoking wtf
    That's yo family
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  6. Bants

    Bants Senior Member

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    i love it when non smokers tell someone to quit just like that... like its that easy and we dont care about family, health, ect... its not that easy bro.. it may be for a select few but, for the rest of us this is a demon thats hard to cut out. nicotine and the rest of the bullshit they put in tobacco is among the most addicting drugs on the planet. KindMargo, how much do you smoke a day? and is it just cigs or do you burn the green as well?
  7. Sandijs

    Sandijs Member

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    I was addicted to alcohol and nicotine back in the days too. Also I have tried meds and sht mixed with alcohol... Ofc u feel amazing for rest of the night, but that every night is taking one year off ur life I figured... Quitting wasn't a problem for me, one night I had enough of all that bullsht and I just stopped. PERIOD. I just dropped all the shts in the same day and never ever touched them again. I felt like a shit for a few weeks and even a month but that's how you quit if you really want to. Plus I started working out so that I can focus on other things. It'ls like a toothache - If you start doing something parallel the pain - the pain fades away.

    I respect everyone but It's just my opinion and my thoughts.. Good luck!
  8. Bants

    Bants Senior Member

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    see, i automatically assumed you were a non smoker criticizing a smoker... i apologize for my ignorance. and i agree. imo there are 2 types of smokers... ones that know when to quit and ones that smoke till they day they die. its all in the addictive traits of that individual. some have more willpower than others...

    but hey lady... you need to quit for yourself... not someone else or it will never work... you will end up sneaking it and getting yelled at for something that is your personal choice. maybe you dont have a smoking problem... maybe you have a relationship problem. as for the vape thing, i do recommend it. go to a vape shop and tell em you trying to quit... find a cheap starter kit with low nic. see if you like it... if you do order a more quality product online... vape shops will be too expensive.
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  9. SUG

    SUG Elite Member

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    I smoke the green everyday...but when it comes down to it my job and wife are more important so i quit when i need to for work which isnt very often...but man unless something major happens i aint ever quiting...cause i can control my myself and my money atleast
  10. Bants

    Bants Senior Member

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    smoking anything is bad for your lungs... that being said i smoke from time to time... bout once a week. i prefer tincture or edibles... vape is super nice if made correctly. i dont think money is the issue. its the health aspect. thc can be ingested with zero harm to your health. may be a cop out but i have anxiety... and its social. this stuff ( altho i love being high as well ) saved me a lot of stress.