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Sneaking Out at Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alchohlics_Anonymous, May 3, 2004.

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  1. spuck

    spuck Senior Member

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    theres nowhere to sneak out to around my pad. i just tell my rents im going to see a movie or to a friends house, park somewheres and walk to the target...

    lying beats sneaking out any day
  2. Saint-Crate

    Saint-Crate Member

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    when i sneak out of my house i just put pillows under my blankets and/or leave a note saying i couldnt sleep so i went for a run. than i pack a bag of shit, go in all black and head out QWIETLY! some of u dumbasses dont understand tht
  3. FritoLay

    FritoLay Member

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    dont wear black!! nono.. wear camo or a brown or grey shirt. You cant see them at night and cop suspicion is lower if you dont wear black. also, dont use backpacks--- use messenger backs (easy to carry also less suspicious and with towel can stop rattling)
    now put shit under your bed and be like i couldnt sleep so i went outside to check out the lake/ walk around if your parents call say i went to say hi to my friend because he was still awake and since hes up late his mom doesnt mind.. it works and when you come home ditch the bag.

    BASICALLY, dont wear black, find better colors, put shit under your bed and a reasonable excuse to go out.. and there you go
  4. scOpeOne

    scOpeOne Elite Member

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    how the fuck does your dad get in and out of his room with no doors
  5. Alyte

    Alyte Elite Member

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    wouldnt be much of a problem then...<_<
  6. YOP

    YOP Senior Member

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    its easy to sneak out say your goin out with friends thn collect your stach and head to your spot
  7. just graffiti

    just graffiti Senior Member

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    it sucks for me cause my parents room is right across the hall to mine and my dad always wakes up in the middle of the night so idk when hes gonna come walking in my room and if i sneak out my window i can easily step on a bunch of gravel... so i usually do it when im at a friends house and during the day because theres a chill spot under a bridge where i live
  8. prank

    prank Senior Member

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    i found that the easiest way to sneak out is to live a life at night so ur parents get used to it and the n u can go out ez
  9. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    some parents wont let you have a night life <_<
  10. riddleboxxmcl

    riddleboxxmcl Senior Member

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    heh, i moved into a new house the past february and it was built in the 60's and never really fucked with so my house has no alarm system and my mom just put in a lock for the front door so i have no truble leaving at night
  11. afek

    afek Elite Member

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    i have i brigde to contened with its brightly lit and cops are always going by it cuz if the casino so i use a bike to get across fast
  12. ZEPE

    ZEPE Member

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    bout wat time yall go out i go round 2-5 in da mornin but next day at skool im passed out in class
  13. SaneKid

    SaneKid Senior Member

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    How stupid can you be, grab your shit, go downstairs without making noise and open the door slowly and close it behind you. Problem solved.

    SLOBSCENE Member

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    FUCK all you tools that cant be straightup about your addiction. this isnt crack, its worse. only a crackhead shouldnt be open about his addiction. your not a writer if sneaking out is the only way you can get up.

    you kids should sneak out and go make money as underage male hookers for all i care. or even join the fast moving world of the kiddie porn business.
  15. -kosr-

    -kosr- Senior Member

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    dont forget your utility belt to go with your camo. :rolleyes:

    i always go out in full black, with a backpack, never been busted, a cop chased me n i went into the darkness, he couldnt see me so he went back into his car, if your wearing woodland camo it wouldnt do any good for you.

    like sanekid said, grab your shit, walk out the door, its not that hard, its even easier if you have a sliding door, because theyre quieter.
  16. 3YE-Q

    3YE-Q New Member

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    I didn't read all of the replies until now, but here's a way for people with alarm systems to sneak out, if you don't know the code. You need a really strong magnet, preferably one you get from an old computer harddrive, but if you have a neodymium magnet somewhere, that should work. Before the alarm is set for the night, open up a window which would trigger the alarm when opened. There should be a little plastic contact pad in the window sill, where there's an electromagnet underneath. Put the magnet you got earlier on top of it, and tape it down to keep it in place. If you do it right, the thing where you enter your code should still have the light on (the light goes off when something is open, so the light being on would signal it being shut). When the code is put in, the window will seem to be shut, even though it's not.

    Not sure if this works on alarm systems by other companies, but if the windows are rigged up the same way, it should.
  17. enigmatic

    enigmatic Senior Member

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    Why dont you just say your going to paint a legal wall or something.

    PS. On greyish days nobodys out, at all, ive seen like deserted streets. There are usually cars, but not many people hanging out or walking around. You could litterally go bombing in the early afternoon without a problem.
  18. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    and people ownt stop u if they see u taggin on a wall most of htem are scared of ppl like us. my mate was at a main road middle of the day pulls out a can and does a hollo piece and nobody did nething. i jst take a tin and i can carry it standing up in my pocket of my jumper and looks like nothing is ther.
    just walk around ur house in socks its quieter and just be really quiet sneaking out.
  19. badsanta170

    badsanta170 Senior Member

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    Yeah pretty much.
  20. cky2521

    cky2521 Senior Member

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    i just snuk out 2 nights ago and stayed out for about 2 hours from 2 to 4 a.m. and all i do is go to sleep at about 11 then i have my phone alarm that wakes me up and all i have to do is is just walk out. and o yea that night i got caught by my parents and the next day they gave me back all my paint..... dont ask me y. my parents are just fucking retarted..