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some questions re: the SO-CAL scene (LA & suburbs)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MuLd3R, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. MuLd3R

    MuLd3R New Member

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    Hey guys its my first post and i had some questions as im a ToY whose intetested in starting. Ive practiced on and off for years and think that Ive gotten to the point where it would be a shame to not develop my talent, throwing a potential to grow just out the window. i have 0 experience in the real world with bombing though. I totally fell out of the loop with everyone I knew who did this after my best homie died a few years back. Although Im hella street smart from being involved in the game for years, I know little about how the graffiti scene out here really is so I need some advice so I dont go out and find myself up shit's creek. quitting dope months ago, Im looking for essentially a new past-time. My main question is whether its cool/safe to be out bombing as a lone wolf or do i need to find a krew? What would you guys do if you wanted to find a krew but u dont know anyone whose in one? In all my years, even spending 2 as a homeless bum living next to a freeway,, I have yet to meet a single tagger from Pasadena region. My close friend said that this stuff was cool like 20 yrs ago and to that I laughed, saying that theres no way the legacy of everyone I used to know who was into this shit like 9 yrs ago all just gave it up. but they were from an area way closer to DTLA. With that said, if im out there what kind of heat do i need to expect? I know many hoods despise taggers cuz they cover their markings, furthermore how about beef among st taggers? Is it legitimately dangerous in ur guys' opinions. cuz ive heard people say that if u aint packing a burner, ur stupid really.

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  2. KADES

    KADES Member

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    Sometimes it’s better alone. But If u can, take a close friend to have as a lookout.
  3. MuLd3R

    MuLd3R New Member

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    Forsure, Ill keep that in mind. After all, I was pretty much just considering spots that are more secluded as opposed to bombing the more common spots people tend to gravitate to thus generally eliminating the need for someone to watch for cops. If that was the case, my question was more so directed to my concern of being shot or stabbed by any random hood that dont like the idea or from other people who tag. Cuz ive watched enough graffiti videos(like the WAR series by TKO) and they have arsenals that seem far beyond what most hoods are packing. watching those videos actually led me here to ask these questions before I go out and find myself in a predicament. not knowing just how active the whole get down is why i need advice from people preferably from other so-cal residents. im cautious simply out of respect for the streets cuz unlike many out there who bomb from LA, i aint willing to pack a burner. I dunno how everyone is on here, but much of what ive learned has come from reading comments on such movies and really, the whole scene just didnt seem the least bit friendly. lmao xD . anyways I appreciate the reply KADES, that you took the time to help an interested n00b
  4. KADES

    KADES Member

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    Hey bro no problem. There’s always the option of brining a knife too, it can get you out of some situations. There’s some bad peeps out there. But really it depends on the hood you’re in. If u live in a sketchy neighborhood it might be better to have a couple friends to back you up. There is also always the option of daytime bombing. You can’t hit the same spots but you’ll have more time for better burners, since you’re in a more secluded place, where less people go. That’s just my two cents tho.

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    If you graffiti, you will be shot, and you will die.

    theres no getting around it. ask all the old heads round here... they wont tell you............ they're dead.
  6. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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    Tagging or not, ain't too many places that you don't need a strap in nowadays, just keeping it real bro. It's crazy out in the streets as you already know. Tagging ain't worth dieing for imo. If it's really about building on your skills, hit your local Home Depot for some plywood or sheet rock & practice in your back yard. Whatever you do just watch your back and be careful bro
  7. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    A: OP if you even have to ask these questions the graf life is probably not for you. If you have to ask these questions not even sure that your past life you spoke of is real/true.

    B: Videos are just that. You're looking at 1 crew showing off on video (no knock against TKO), and much of the cool/funny/dangerous shit in those videos have nothing to do with graf other than being filmed by someone who writes, or maybe showing someone who writes doing those things. It doesn't represent all writers, and it shows one crew from one area. Guess I can sum that up by don't believe everything you see on TV.

    C: Graf is dangerous, period. Some places and times more than others, but it's dangerous. And yet still, you don't need to walk around strapped to do it. You need to be smart. You need common sense. You need a level head, even under pressure. You need to know the rules, and it would help if you respect them as well.
  8. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    The fucked up part of LA is on top of the gangbangers (they're NOT gangsters) you gotta deal with the tagger-bangers. These fucks ain't got the balls to join a real gang so they do shitty tags and try to act hard. A good majority of the crews in LA are tagger-bangers.
  9. nastynasty

    nastynasty Senior Member

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    You said you were in the streets before graff so you already know what it is like. Graffiti will not get you killed. People will get you killed. Be cautious of who you let know you're a graffiti artist. People talk, word might get around that you write so-and-so to someone They could snitch and get you locked up, they could find out more and do whatever. You can skip all that bullshit by watching who you hang around. Drama in graffiti only happens when 2 or more people come in contact. I suggest that you start on paper, work out a simple tag style (don't go crazy) and practice in lowkey spots like under bridges, water ways, sewers etc. Any place where regular people wouldn't usually go. That's the fun thing about graffiti..- it can take you places. Start exploring. Once you get used to tagging, go back to paper and develop a throw up then go and practice it like you did the tag, in low key spots. Don't be eager to get up just yet. Remember what comes with getting up: People and police notice you. What writter wants to be noticed with shitty art? Lol. Keep the activities to yourself and you'll avoid a lot of dumb shit that comes with people. California has gangbangers every-fucking-where. Be cautious of where you're getting up in Pasadena. Know what hood you're getting up in and don't be disrespectful. Hell, even leave a tag that says "Shout out to the PDLB" VPR, VBP, or whatever gang that claims the hood you're tagging in LOL. Gangsters hate graffiti artists because they try to act hard, not necessarily because they write on their walls. Keep your art looking clean, crisp, nice so the gangbangers won't have to shoot you for being toy. It'll give their hood something nice to look at. Expect drama if you get involved with other graffiti writters, expect to get caught but don't expect to get caught. Pack a burner only if shit is like south side Chicago hood or if you have existing beef with gangs already. CA gives out a lot of time when you don't got a gun permit so i'd rather you keep a knife on you. You might need it and it's better to be caught with that if a cop searches you. Your friend only thinks it was cool 20 years ago because 20 years ago he was doing it for others to think he's cool. Know why you're doing graff. You said it'd be a shame if you didn't develop your potential and as a pass-time. Remember that so you don't get obsessed with being seen (that'd be a dope crew name) or telling people what you write. Good luck and stay safe.
  10. RAWKET

    RAWKET Senior Member

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    Been active so cal- central valley vandal for over 20 years and never really needed a gun or lookout....
    1 always keep your head on a swivel better to be safe then sorry
    2-if your do it right there shouldn't be any witnesses
    3-eye contact and head nod keep it moving....respect is key
    4-your more likely to deal with drugged out homeless population than real gangsters
    5-don't be afraid to punch a dude in his grill for doing something stupid like getting too close
    6- Bic lighter and high pressure paint with a fat cap = flame thrower
  11. nastynasty

    nastynasty Senior Member

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    Your lungs are rusto cans now