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Some Stuff I've Found

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Jinx, Jun 23, 2004.

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  1. Jinx

    Jinx Member

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    1. 3m spray adhesive, large can: cap is a fan spray, 4 fingers wide at 3 inches from board(I have big fingers too)
    2. Elmers spray adhesive: cap is square spray, about 1 1/2 - 2 fingers wide at 3"
    3. Wal- mart paint: 94 cents a can american, pretty good quality, not very watery.
    4. DAP touch- n-tone *SUCKS*, at 99 cents a can american at meijers and other discount retailers. EXTEREMELY watery, does not blend well, nor go over itself well.
    5. Dorcy makes an awsome 8 LED flashlight, tail cap activated. buy one or steal one, they come in handy very often, especially becuase they can be blinked on and off quickly, and dont have to rely on a constant on switch, they are also hella bright, and utilize white light, so colors show up awesome.

    I am, however, looking for a better backpack that doesnt cost a shitload of $$, any suggestions?
  2. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    army surplus or old navy or something
  3. darkling_stalkr

    darkling_stalkr Senior Member

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    just buy a crappy one from like zellers so if it gets lost or you have to hide it from the bacon you dont lose alot of money. man paint is cheap there, at wall-mart here in canada i think it's 5$ a can the stuff i buy.
  4. ;';Rane;';

    ;';Rane;'; Member

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    94 cents a can of paint?

    Where i live its Fuckin 6$ a can man you've got it made <_<
  5. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    2.94 for walmart paint, canadian.
  6. neurosis

    neurosis Senior Member

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    some people forget that canadian and american currency are SLIGHTLY different from each other...

    i live in the US.
    wal-mart: 94 cents. rusto: 3.50-ish some places, 5 bucks at more privately owned places
  7. CaliforniaSkan

    CaliforniaSkan Senior Member

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    Oh shit! An LED light, that's brilliant.
  8. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    who would of known!
    (hand over mouth with surpising look"
  9. *Baozone*

    *Baozone* Senior Member

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    spray adhesive, i hav sum 3m spray mount, neva looked 2 c how wide the spray iz, ill check 2morrow ( it aint even mine, its my dads)
  10. bzl

    bzl Senior Member

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    yeah that adhesive shit is usually wide.

    The cheapest cans in australia are $2.70 for Australian Export the caps are okay when you switch it to skinny its about 1 finger when switched to wide its about 3 fingers the paints pretty decent.

    You think $6 is a rip? Good paint out here is $12 a can and you have to get it at specialty shops since its imported from America and what not...
  11. Thief

    Thief Senior Member

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    I have a 3 LED light, and even thats kinda nice to have on a night bomb.
  12. Jinx

    Jinx Member

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    LED lights are sweet, but be sure to go with a 3 bulb or higher, or you just don't get the output desired. another sweet thing about them is the batteries last FOREVER, becuase led's don't draw much power. I like dorcy because they are easy to acquire(legally or illegally) so if you lose or break it, its not like your out a bunch of money. they also make a 4 LED light that is a bit more compact, but still throws plenty of light.

    I got to use my new found fat caps last night.. I busted out a 4 foot wide, by 2 foot tall throwie in under 2 minutes thanks to that wide fill, where it was taking me 4-7 minutes before with stock caps for fill(of course, I'm using better paint as well that doesn't fade out the minute it hits the surface *coughtouch-n-tonecough*).

    krylon runs from 2.97-3.25 a can in this area, rusto runs 3.50-4.00. Even at the hobby lobby where everything is ungodly overpriced, it stays about the same
  13. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

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    where do you get these LED lights? i've never seen or heard of em before now.
  14. genome

    genome Elite Member

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    in canada theres a store called mountain equipment co-op and once you become a member its so dope. they have the best fucking jackets and bags and all that shit. an its all just copied designs from other companies but they fabricate it better and shit. it not cheap but if anything you get there ever breaks you just take it back and get a ne one. one time i took a swiss army knife there that i bought like 5 years ago in europe and they gave me a new one.
    mad props.
  15. cbc

    cbc Senior Member

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    i knwo there bags are amazing, i have had mine for four years and it would have been in mint condition but kids in my school lite it on fire when i was wearing it... and a bunch of jerkass writers wrote on it without my permission well msot didnt only a few did... and nwo the zipper just busted but i cant return it because of those dumb asses...
  16. cbc

    cbc Senior Member

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    ok 94 cents american is like 1.28 canadian... and if i haev to pay 5 bucks canadian for wal mart paint thats 3.67 american... so whats with the 2.71 american hike?
  17. odd_laws_broke

    odd_laws_broke Elite Member

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    I wish Walmart out here carried the 94 cent noname brand. Instead they changed over to carry their own in-house corny ass product called quality color or some shit. It covers like garbage, it's not compatible with any caps I've tried And around 3 bucks it costs a buck less than most quality cans; krylon, rusto. They also have some champion spray paint at 2 bucks that's just crap for anything. I hate you, walmart. If anyone knows where to find noname cans in montreal, I will pay for that kind of information. :lol:
  18. Jinx

    Jinx Member

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    you can get them at most outdoor stores, like galyans, or cabelas, dicks sporting goods. meijers(a michigan based variety/department store) sells dorcy brand, wal-mart has a few, target carries a 3-led Eddie Bauer outdoor one that is pretty compact, but bright. check the internet too, lots of good deals. Good name brands are Inova, Streamlight, Dorcy, Surefire. not to say that other brands aren't as good, but those are the ones I've had experience with.

    The cheap wal-mart paint I get is colorpalace brand. works well with tips other than its own too.
  19. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

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    never heard of any of those places but i sure have heard of the internet. ill just check some outdoor stores.
  20. The Most Sadistic

    The Most Sadistic Elite Member

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    good thread... post knowledg

    here is somthing ive found out recently

    the home depot in my area has two self check out machines.. and if u dont rack cuz ur too scared or dont want to risk it or are too cool for it watever reason, get around 20 cans of ur choice of paint.. (prefferably painters touch :D) and take 1 quick color can and peal the barcode sticker off of the bottom and stick it over one of the painters touch cans... remember wich can its on.. and then take it to the self checkout and scan the 1 can that has the quick color sticker on it for each painters touch can (quick color is $1 painters touch is like $3.50) so instead of paying $60+ for 20 cans of painters touch... u only pay $20, u wont get caught cuz the self checkout only seness somthing going wrong when the item u put in ur bag wieghs too much.. and if somone sees u and points out wat ur doign wrong, blame it on home depot for putting the wrong stick on ur painters touch can