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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. southernroots

    southernroots Senior Member

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    steel hungry. post other flicks of the REAL amen. i mean other flicks, then the only 2 of his frieght with scoop and the one of tri rail.
  2. wakaflockaflame

    wakaflockaflame Senior Member

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  3. Shit tha bed...

    Shit tha bed... Senior Member

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    that joke shit is fuct up, that amen shit is fuct up, but i don't think his shit looks like his, no??but when u r as bad as u r, u don't have room to talk about other peoples shit muchless a whole county...stop dry snitching peoples shit...
  4. killamanilla

    killamanilla Member

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  5. masquerido561

    masquerido561 Elite Member

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  6. oneztwo3

    oneztwo3 Member

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    as i see palm beach jus came wit da fliks n****h thats how we do wen u com up here open ur eyez
  7. Neva scared

    Neva scared Member

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    palm beach rocs my socks hahahaha fo sho

    WORLD FAMOUS Senior Member

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    one time for everyone who represented at Steel Wheels tonight ....
    see yall tommorrow .. :D

    STEELHUNGRY Senior Member

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    i got better time on my hands then to go gather up amen's flix and post that shit. go look for it yourself becuase it's out there. that dude has WORK and pushes big crews. I just happen to take those flix so i posted them.

    on a better note. Steel wheels was above and fucking beyond what i thought it would be. So fucking worth the trek to miami.
  10. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Elite Member

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    damn, sorry i missed this
  11. Pepe Pintor

    Pepe Pintor New Member

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  12. XXORtsald

    XXORtsald Elite Member

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  13. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    Crushin hoodz!!! Nigguh!!!
  14. throwmega

    throwmega Senior Member

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    you can check flickr for more flicks- or you can just pull them up on your computer- or did you delete those too? lmao Im afraid if i post some AMEN flicks you'll just jack them too

    are you trying to argue that you never heard of him or something
  15. Big Toe

    Big Toe Member

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    if you dont write amen i dont think you should be saying shit to the other amen. and that goes to whoever is hating on ryval. if you dont write rival. then mind your fucking own business... you guys are acting like a bunch of little fucking kids yo. real talk.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2010
  16. IntensiveCU

    IntensiveCU Senior Member

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  17. istanbul

    istanbul Guest

    This is a message to all the FUCK BOY WANNA BE WRITERS that can't handle their shit and come up with a solid name.

    Yall fucking toys are weak, no style having, gotta bite off the latest NYC magazine from foot soildiers, ecko t shirt, faggots need to do some solid research.

    Least yall could do if you want to even consider being writers is come up with a name that isn't taken. AT THE VERY LEAST get a name that hasn't been kinged with. All the nigguhs that this is directed at, know exactly who you are.

    Doesn't matter if the writer came before you, retired, or is out of the city, do a solid search, ask around, get a name handed to you.

    If you aint gonna put in time to at least get a solid name, dont be surprised when you get decked in the mouth sitting in a penit rocking your backwards fitted and pretty monster paint or when u get dissed by the paint stolen from u the night before.
  18. istanbul

    istanbul Guest

    Oh, and fuck the buff.








    WORLD FAMOUS Senior Member

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    Steel Wheels Come out and enjoy food drinks and train inspired art ...last day today 2pm till 6 pm

    Still The Victorious!!
    Wanted Hoodlum!
    Kant be Tamed !
    Bitches Should Know!
    Forever Slaughtering!
    Doing Them Thangs!
    Trouble Makers!!
    Electing Presidents!!!

    one time for
    Kepos and Rcie :D
  20. MR.BERNS129

    MR.BERNS129 Senior Member

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