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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. ceostar

    ceostar Elite Member

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  2. Rp Mcmurphy

    Rp Mcmurphy Senior Member

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    I'm from in between your moms legs.. if you read carefully you would've read that I said stock tip rusto sloppy shit.. no problem with stocks just evolve or get better with or without em.. the 1 with the gun please shut up before you get shut down and all your hard work goes down the drain in a night or two..

    WORLD FAMOUS Senior Member

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    lol this internet shit is funny
  4. m+s

    m+s Senior Member

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    minus well = might as well

    LORD SHAFIYQ Senior Member

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    bump that and that panek ikew:D
  6. MusicIsMyBoyfriend

    MusicIsMyBoyfriend Senior Member

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    CFACE NHS Senior Member

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  8. miamidave

    miamidave Senior Member

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    self promo- Promotion, including advertising and publicity, of oneself effected by oneself.

    does not include friends. i.e. (crew)

    i think the problem, really, is self promo from toys, or people who suck at life.

    now a days self promo from established writers (meaning you have street rep)
    is relatively tolerated in the forms of blogs and/or self published books.

    back in the days late 80's early 90's, you can send your flicks to a mag. but if it sucks, trust me, it wont get published.

    people tended to be a little more open (in styles and class) later in the time line when it was cheaper to print magazines.

    i myself have never done any of the above.
  9. capitalp33h$$

    capitalp33h$$ Member

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    if u got enuff tyme 2 politic ..u have enuff tyme 2 paint do it 4 tha luv of tha game flik it n keep it 2 urself .. if sum one likes ur werq as much as u do tha werq would surface .. my 2 cents .. people r mutts always want attention n shit.. do wat u got to do ,jus dnt raise ur hand 2 point owt wat youve done
  10. captain insano

    captain insano Senior Member

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    i dont see anything wrong with self promo. writing on the wall is self promo. your promoting yourself. maybe im just zooted but it makes sense to me. im just a paranoid fuck that doesnt like to take my own pics or keep them.
  11. two point two

    two point two Senior Member

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  12. Drunkenshipoflanterns

    Drunkenshipoflanterns Member

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  13. Drunkenshipoflanterns

    Drunkenshipoflanterns Member

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    WORLD FAMOUS Senior Member

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    lol @self promo man yall do what you want just respect the game but on the real there is no reason to keep posting the same pics of ur shit over and over again ... that aint self promo thats just being a loser...
  15. Galaxy Defender

    Galaxy Defender Senior Member

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  16. The 1 wit da gun.....

    The 1 wit da gun..... Senior Member

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    hard work? wat trying to impress these graff crits online..lmfao..i dont care what anyone here thinks of me.."im here for the flick's not the shyt's".....
  17. captain insano

    captain insano Senior Member

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    dam that was a smooth comment up there. "the graff crits" and "the flicks not the shyts". should have been a fucking gangsta rapper with that type of talent.
  18. sidandnancy

    sidandnancy Member

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  19. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    wassup worl famous? come thru with sum more of them olskool pics!
  20. DrunkenKangarooZ

    DrunkenKangarooZ Member

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    halfgangstershit is poos... cross *****s out n puts no name, never got up at all except a handfull in aventura btw which was wack as fuck... and u cant even call him a writer, ***** juss started n made his own lil crew n he already quit all less than a year... life of a toy