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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    i like da seek..looks fresh..but he killed it wit da sunami blue makes da letters look sloppy
  2. pee in the bed

    pee in the bed Senior Member

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    Yo! im the nicest guy. but w/e im really not a funny dude.
  3. kosher Only

    kosher Only Senior Member

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    yo Pheks looks like palm beaches next heavy hitter!!!

    but everything else in that post was wack and not worth re quoting. toys with stolen names and weak ass styles get no soda pop cuzin- keep that shit in the woods where nobody can see it.
  4. pee in the bed

    pee in the bed Senior Member

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  5. LuNa1982

    LuNa1982 Member

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    check out my website:
    and make sure u pass it on to a female friends, wife/girlfriend, aunt, grandmas and/or daughters.

    tx:) n happy bday to me!!!
  6. while you were sleeping

    while you were sleeping Member

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  7. southernroots

    southernroots Senior Member

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    yo shut the fuck upppppp. all ive seen you post is dick riding comments, links to websites or youtube, and bumping other people's flicks. i rarely see you post flicks of your own shit. soooooo who the fuck cares about what you are talking about?????
  8. Writing History

    Writing History Elite Member

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    Damn I thought you crackers crawled and died in ur lil holes... please stay there!!^^ or overtown penit...
  9. Sid_Vicious

    Sid_Vicious Banned

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    luna you make skirts?

    maybe you can ssend me some pics of you rocking those babies
  10. thestickupkid

    thestickupkid Senior Member

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    this thread should be dade county only
  11. iROBO

    iROBO Member

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    someone should go flick that poke colt on us1
  12. LuNa1982

    LuNa1982 Member

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    i make skirt purses and tote bags with designs!! As u can see in my website...
    theres no need to be an ass with that rocking baby shit!!!

    Happy bday to me!!
  13. Discretion

    Discretion Senior Member

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  14. 56ACE

    56ACE Senior Member

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    idk about that

    FRESKOO Member

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    i strongly disagree ignorant ass shyt
  16. fishandchips

    fishandchips Member

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  17. KenethKaniff

    KenethKaniff Senior Member

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    MFReQUENCY Senior Member

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    WORLD FAMOUS Senior Member

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    whuts up kenota...
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2010
  20. kosher Only

    kosher Only Senior Member

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    no argument on your side so you agree with me that you are a flick biting, name stealing, backyard painting toy from suburban palm beach.

    change the name and try to get some real fame or fade away because you dont even care enough to bomb your own name so why even waste your time

    prove me wrong or complain about my youtube links