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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Kslae

    Kslae Member

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    RIP YNOTES...Me and gordie pounded a few drinks for you tonight homie..Rest in peace duder...
  2. moosekee

    moosekee Senior Member

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    damn its hard to believe this dude is gone yo.
    rest. in. peace.
  3. dadestruekings

    dadestruekings Senior Member

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    damn man this year has turned out to be just as bad as the last one
    relax in paradise ynot crush it up there with all of the other writers who passed
    my prayers go out to his friends and family
    its a sad thing to see someone with so much potential and so young pass away
    but his memory will live on forever through miami

    rcaes 89 ykw dtk
  4. capitalp33h$$

    capitalp33h$$ Member

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    God bless the taken..

    Damn wat a shok..only times we got to chop it up was at bbqz and sum meetings ..I liked ur swag homie didn't tell exaggerated stories and always played it cool ..what's this world coming too ..I will b putting u uppz lil homie rest in power by the hour..And if any homies want to make shirts in your honor proceeds should go to his family..whoever cut his life short better drop to his knees n pray it wasn't intentional because what's done in the dark will always come to the light..much love to ynotse and his fam..his real homies wil keep his name alive,,,,,,,,,,
  5. 420

    420 New Member

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    REST IN POWER. Ynot the most illest writer in south Florida. You'll never be forgotten!
  6. iROBO

    iROBO Member

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    rest in peace


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    R.I.P.........................................................."drox or master OR ANYONE THAT KNOWS THEM MESSAGE ME PLEASE
  8. MR.BERNS129

    MR.BERNS129 Senior Member

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  9. Rep1Time

    Rep1Time Senior Member

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  10. depression_

    depression_ New Member

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  11. *gaffiti_gets_me_high*

    *gaffiti_gets_me_high* New Member

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    Damn RiP ynot

    RIP my homie.. you will be missed like crazy.. :( u inspired many people and did many great things.. lived his life to the fullest.. the graffiti scene wont bethe same wit out ynots on every corner.. love ya homie! ill be adding some pics later! Love RUSH
  12. i.ruin.lives

    i.ruin.lives Senior Member

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    still cant believe its real....
  13. i.ruin.lives

    i.ruin.lives Senior Member

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    ...has anyone else seen the comment on this page that says

    White_Escalade says:
    Paint on my nice billboard will ya?! I don't think so.........BTW the ground looked like one of his " master pieces"......

    even if it a stranger just trying to rile people up...THATS A FUCKED UP COMMENT
  14. ~!@#$%

    ~!@#$% Member

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  15. 6senses

    6senses Senior Member

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    Now thats what's up finishn the ynotse at brwd/tri shit made me so happy to see. I can't believe this... but that ***** Wud of loved it!
  16. wakaflockaflame

    wakaflockaflame Senior Member

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  17. two point two

    two point two Senior Member

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  18. youdie ikill

    youdie ikill Senior Member

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    lol !
  19. ShakeJunt

    ShakeJunt Senior Member

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    <3 from NY
  20. wakaflockaflame

    wakaflockaflame Senior Member

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    REST IN POWER YNOT you were like fam, one of the coolest guys i ever met! you will be missed greatly and your name will live on forever!!!!!!