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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Shit tha bed...

    Shit tha bed... Senior Member

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    Bumpp.... U r very rite........
  2. Drunkenshipoflanterns

    Drunkenshipoflanterns Member

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  3. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    kosher well put. davie police need to tighten the fuck up with their crooked asses fuck you detective hernandez if you're reading this go take some more steroids you'll feel better.

    i think i've put in more police work than these crackers, and shit, it's not even like the dude was a real homeboy to me, just a couple "hi and bye" type shits kicked it there a few times and i'm more motivated to find his murderer than the crackers themselves. i aint sayin that my shit dont stink because im tryin to find out whos who, but its sad when more people without a gun and badge care about this case then all broward cops put together. ive gone up to dudes at gas stations in white escalades askin em if they go to eden... i just hope that dude gets what's coming to him...


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    If you dont know sh*t shut up...

    People did jump in...

    I agree that the cops need to get on there job but I also think you should stop running your mouth on forums about shit you know nothing about.

    The close homies are making moves for him and his family so please be quiet.

    If you care so much go out and paint the town with a million YNOTS, but do me a favor and keep our names out your mouth.

    Thank You.....
  5. dusthtc305

    dusthtc305 Senior Member

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    ^^hell to my homie ynotse fuk all da hatas.
    dust htc gpg 33


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    exactly if it aint got nutin to do with u dont worry bout it..move on its not ur problem..

    ARESOLIC Senior Member

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  8. Rep1Time

    Rep1Time Senior Member

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  9. Shit tha bed...

    Shit tha bed... Senior Member

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  10. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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  11. ArmyGunz

    ArmyGunz Senior Member

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  12. MR.BERNS129

    MR.BERNS129 Senior Member

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  13. XXORtsald

    XXORtsald Elite Member

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    Yooo mad props to harsh for coming out in the movie the last exsorcisim.
  14. joker954

    joker954 Elite Member

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  15. Rep1Time

    Rep1Time Senior Member

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    This shit is dead......
  16. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    dis shit always dies out,when i stop writing lol!!! but to bad dat i cant talk shit nomore,cus of fuckin snitches n dt's dat get on fun for da youth i tell ya lolll

    OWTNGIS Senior Member

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  18. thestickupkid

    thestickupkid Senior Member

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    yo what happened to arcade who used to post some gangster flix and always end his post with a picture of a fine whore
  19. Shit tha bed...

    Shit tha bed... Senior Member

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    MFReQUENCY Senior Member

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    keeep it freesh --------------------------> duner -------->
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