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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Rep1Time

    Rep1Time Senior Member

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  2. throwmega

    throwmega Senior Member

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  3. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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  4. RollLiteSmoke

    RollLiteSmoke Member

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  5. MASE P_2s

    MASE P_2s Senior Member

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    bump that ynot , htea boston run
  6. kosher Only

    kosher Only Senior Member

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    bump the cover of the new times; i got to go pick it up. I wonder if the New Times will release the murderers name
  7. Rep1Time

    Rep1Time Senior Member

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    Nope, Bitch ass Davie police didn't respond to their questions......
  8. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    a writer is more of a criminal then a killer now a days!!! fuckin retarted ass crackas!!! i hope killers do sumthing to their they can stop being stupid about graffiti artists,n realize dat killers are real crimininals not a fucking tagger,fucking pussies!!!
  9. Heklr

    Heklr Banned

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    Benched in Boston.
  10. Rep1Time

    Rep1Time Senior Member

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  11. p-b-b

    p-b-b Senior Member

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    dude ive been dying to get my hands on a copy of the NT...fuuck
  12. DarthVader

    DarthVader Senior Member

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    I wonder does a lawyer have any say in this, like WTF!!!!! I heard police would do something likethat so they dont have a "Murder" in their city n look bad so rule it over as an accident.. But still they are witnesses and all!! Ynot or not, if they was ran over twice fuck no it aint no accident!!!!
  13. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    i think that would slow their progress down if anything...
  14. dusthtc305

    dusthtc305 Senior Member

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    davie crakas fukin suk..fuk them *****s etch all over ever one of their squad cars rip ynot
  15. seadaysinnights

    seadaysinnights Member

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    ^^^ yeah your right, it was a quick heads up, dont know any of his homies but just trying to let them know, im sure they will find out...
  16. HeklrToo

    HeklrToo Senior Member

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    No disrespect to friends, family, writers but...

    The cops ain't our kinds of peoples think they're gonna' do shit?
    To see a bunch of people that are usually turning tail and heading the opposite direction of the johnnies looking for help/justice is hypocritical and ironic.
    I understand he was a great person, artist, and influence in the whole graffiti movement, not just Miami.
    But as a community, writers have never really looked to the law for help.
    And now you want these guys to be your friends?
    Look at the bigger picture...
    It is unfortunate.

    If your man die; don't cry, homey. Get the biggest guns you got and ride, homey. Get your Mac, AK, and Tech 9, homey.
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  17. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    it doesnt matter wether graffiti writers never looked for help or not,if u kill sum1,ur a killer,n killers get locked up,no matter who u kill,wether it was a graff vandal,or a colledge student,nobody has da rite to kill sum1...
    cus if dats da case,lets all go kill crackheads n rapists,n other killers,n bank robbers,n other ppl dat cause trouble in da streets,lets kill them all,n let us get away with it,because they are also scumbags n menace to society!

    dose got cought posting a ynot label,they locked him up for dat petty shit,but they dont lock up da killers!!! petty ass crackas dont u think???
  18. squintz

    squintz Senior Member

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  19. two point two

    two point two Senior Member

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    thats what i'm talking bout
  20. two point two

    two point two Senior Member

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    look at this shit ?
    its a fake site about how davie cops cant do there jobs //

    oh and if any one wants go ahead and drop the fuzz a line , God knows they cant do there job on there own....

    Criminal Investigations

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