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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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    ATTENTION: Southernroots, khd, or any affiliates.
    Tell your crewmate zek to get at me in north fl and stop hideing.
    Sorry I had to result to calling him out on a forum but his bitch ass cant be found in the streets and refuses to step up.
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    Forever lost ... never forgotten ...
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    FHZOO...wrecking like the old dayz.
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    "And it's a fact I keep a gat in my arm reach
    I charm freaks and bomb geeks from here to Palm Beach"

    Fuck a snitch, fuck a pig, fuck a bitch ass nig!
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    Drive-by shootings on the rise in West Kendall - Posted on Monday, 08.30.10

    Read more:

    West Kendall has seen an increase in the number of reported gang-related drive-by shootings so far this year, police said.

    Numbers show eight gang-related drive-by shootings have been reported in The Hammocks police district this year. Last year, there were no reports of the same. The district's boundaries run from Southwest Eighth to 200th streets and from Florida's Turnpike to Collier County.

    One drive-by shooting occurred in January, two in May, two in June, one in July and two in August. Three of the shootings happened at the University Lakes Trailer Park at 13170 SW 10th St., two happened in the 7300 block of SW 139th Ave., another two in the 5200 block of Southwest 133rd Avenue and one near the Paseo Real condominiums at 6215 Kendale Lakes Circle.

    Miami-Dade police have charged three 17-year-olds with attempted felony murder: Luis Gomez, Andrew Nix and Edwin Alberto Rios. Gomez was charged on Aug. 21, Nix was charged on Aug. 19 and Rios was charged on Aug. 13.

    Police are looking for two more men involved in the shootings.

    No one was hurt in any of incidents, but the eight drive-by shootings caused an estimated $6,600 in property damages.

    Two West Kendall gangs have been identified as being involved in the recent drive-bys -- the Southbound Thugs and the 137th Avenue Boys. The ages of the members of both gangs range from late teens to early twenties and neither gang has a clear leader, according to Lt. Jorge Carreño, of The Hammocks police district's Gang Investigations Unit.

    Miami-Dade Police Maj. Alex Casas, who heads The Hammocks police district, said he is unsure if the arrests will stop the gang violence because much of the fighting between gangs is spurred by territorial disputes.

    “It is as simple as one gang member walking into a Wendy’s where rival gang members are eating,” Casas said, regarding how fights erupt.

    “It is the nature of the beast,” Carreño said. “Southbound and 137th Avenue are always going after each other. One day another gang may come in and they will go after that gang.”

    To keep a finger on the pulse of gang activity in the district, detectives use methods that include: tracking identities of gang members, frequenting areas that gang members go to and using informants, both Carreño and Casas said.

    James Blough, chairman of The Hammocks district Citizens Advisory Committee, said community involvement is key to help decrease area crime.

    “We are the eyes and ears of our community,'' Blough said. "There are more of us than them. Everyone should have the non-emergency number in their cell phone and should use it to report suspicious activity.” (That number is 305-4-POLICE.)

    Doris Montealegre, a West Kendall resident who lives near the intersection of Coral Way and Southwest 152nd Avenue, said she worries about gang activity in the area.

    “I am not sure there will ever be a total solution," Montealegre said. "I don’t see any sign that they are going to go away.”

    A West Kendall gang member, who wants to remain anonymous, said he doesn’t expect the fighting to stop, either.

    "All I know is that this is not gonna get better," the member said. Seven of the shootings happened after two members of the 137th Avenue Boys shot and killed Jorge Gonzalez, 20, a Southbound Thugs gang member, on April 25 near the Lake Forest Park Apartments pool in the 6200 block of Southwest 131st Place.

    John Alejandro “Babyface” Llanos Carvajal, 18, of 15587 SW 63rd Terr., and Dennis George “Screech” Crespo, 19, of 6156 SW 158 Passage, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder and are awaiting trial.

    According to police, both men sprayed several rounds of bullets at Gonzalez and his friends because Southbound Thugs gang members assaulted 137th Avenue Boys gang members at a party earlier that night.

    Though the stakes have been raised by the murder and the gangs’ recent drive-by shooting activity, Casas hasn’t found evidence that would lead him to believe they are involved in organized crime. “We have yet to find a connection between these gangs and them furthering any criminal activity,” Casas said. Said Blough: “Our gangs are not like the ones in L.A. [Los Angeles], hardcore and multi-generational. They are wannabees.”


    You Nigz is Wannabees........
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    rip BIG L.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
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    i would say i before e except after c, but just get rid of the E...
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    Pluto is fuckin ill
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    Must thank Jive for the Flick!

    View attachment 588088 Ol' skool late 80's early 90's "FH" tag still runnin on NW 199 st Carol city miami florida
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    opening this back up .. if you dont like it ..

    u mad ?!
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    You babysit it then, I'm not coming in here anymore.
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    Bump the hell out of this
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    Uh oh... it's back... lets c how long b4 u toys ruin it...
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    any new port richey taggers?? hit me up
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