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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. i.ruin.lives

    i.ruin.lives Senior Member

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    aye dont forget feeceez wit the sickness handstyles, soduh, 9teen, etc and the silliest most epic name of all time EARSNOT <---if dat fool can rock the fuck out that name anything is possible lol

    everyone has an opinion
    not everyone gives a fuck what you have to keep it to yourself lol

    p.s bump fubar gettin ups and if ya aint know its an acronym for Fucked Up Beyong All Recognition so i actually like it if thats why he writes it
  2. Jeffery Johnson Jr.

    Jeffery Johnson Jr. Member

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  3. gim

    gim Senior Member

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    anyone around the kendall area?
  4. INER 561

    INER 561 Senior Member

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    havent heard Seaj.r or Sone inna while
  5. while you were sleeping

    while you were sleeping Member

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    fubar is a acronym dumb dumb...
  6. while you were sleeping

    while you were sleeping Member

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  7. squintz

    squintz Senior Member

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    CFACE NHS Senior Member

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  9. devia

    devia Member

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    awesome flick i can totally see those pieces well
  10. istanbul

    istanbul Guest

    Granted, Art Basel is an amazing art fair, brings an ass ton of money to our city (which with the current financial turmoil is much needed), only 5 of the 200+ galleries represented at the actual convention center are local.

    Art Basel helps out international artists - not locals. Although we get some walls ... like the Bakehouse, everyone else shits on us. I personally am disgusted by how so many talented and driven artists work their asses off their entire career, and have the biggest and baddest art fair in the world in their backyard, get no recognition.

    Maybe that's why so many people hate on it, because out of towners come here, disrespect us by going over us, wave their thousand dollar commission in our face and laugh all the way to the bank. I have 100% respect for all the artists who paid their dues and made it to the level they are at, I'm not hating on them. I'm hating on the fact that local Miamians don't get theirs.

    Good luck to all the other aspiring artists out there, all the other drug addicts trying to make a buck for their next fix and the real bombers out there, cause God knows I don't have the balls that they have to do what they do.

    MVC Vista.
  11. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    aye im saying tho..i seen mad tags in wynwood ive never even heard of..n their locals..ive even met mad writers ive never even heard of..yall *****s needc to step up ur game! if theres dat many writers in da fuck is it i only see da same writers over n over?? theres even crews ive never heard where da hell yall be getting up at? a crew dhat doesnt get seen?? a crew? come on mang.. im in sum crews dhat died out in yall dont see it..cus its just me reppin it in da streets sum times..but shit active crews dhat i only see up in wynwood for art basel?? just saying feel me
  12. throwmega

    throwmega Senior Member

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    Art basel was fresh, its so good to see the dopest artists from all over planet Earth come to show off all their skills in Miami and take over all our walls. I said this would happen a few years ago when every old school miami writer got gone over, publicly in front of all i95, by invitation of west coast fan boys. I wanted to get some flix of miami graffiti so I figured by 5:30 am sunday morning the altoids wall would be finished but 85% of it was just outlines of unfinished pieces... Cocaine is a hulluva drug
  13. WishUWereBEER

    WishUWereBEER Member

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    werd, mad locals ive never seen before..
  14. syruprock

    syruprock Elite Member

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    dis was a weird ass art basel was live as fuck tho fosho.. i aint gonna complain..every1 did their thang! shit was weird n dis organized..but it was cool..graff is becoming a joke tho mang..n wynwood to me doesnt count..anybody gets fame out there..cus its da art district..u got a very small chance of getting roped bombing there..its not really a thrill.. its like cheating n shit..da real fame is in da streets! other cities n shit..wynwood is just for a good time n legal shit.. oh n yo who says dose n ynot was da only ones dhat wrecked shit?? crook n crome killed shit in their times,b4 dose n ynot.. n b4 dhat..dneee did da most bombing any1 has ever done in miami! n jive also ran all of lil havana n downtown in his days as well..n alot of writers have! if fubar is doing it now..well its fubar's turn mang!! let em do his thang! omek was doing da same thang! da more mothafuckkas bomb everythang da more live da graff game gets!! so props to all da hardcore bombers!! bomb all city mang!! im done wit da bombing for a while! i got to much responsibilties! fam first.. graff second! i did my thang in my times! let da newskool do theyre thang fosho!!
  15. Sir Lucius Murkafu

    Sir Lucius Murkafu Senior Member

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  16. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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    All of miami should look like wynwood.
  17. i.ruin.lives

    i.ruin.lives Senior Member

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  18. ewe

    ewe Senior Member

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    who cares ewe says.....
  19. jaytee

    jaytee Senior Member

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    it takes years of work to earn respect in my book...lets see how far they go on the game,thats why i stil loved graff so many people just fade away quick.
  20. aplombson

    aplombson Senior Member

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