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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. youdie ikill

    youdie ikill Senior Member

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    he writes...


    ''hes just a fag behind a comp screen yapping his mouth''

    sounds like ur describing urself there buddyyy...
  2. Getting Funds

    Getting Funds Senior Member

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    im done with you kids ,,,,go paint .... you should chewk some of your spots

    bye toys
  3. thetruthurts

    thetruthurts Senior Member

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    i've tried to remain quiet thru all this internet fuckery but there's certain shit that just cant ride.euro mags???there were no mags period when 7up and bsk were really doin our make a comment like that and then follow it up with "no doubt,i give respect..."i have been writing since the mid 80's and have seen every one of yall nigggas careers from the beginning.the truth is that in the early to mid 90's when most of the writers you think are superior in this game and probably yourself started out was when the magazine-internet biting was at its peak,as a matter of fact,that is how most of those careers were developed.the fact remains that a decent dek piece from 15-20 years ago burns,in fact vaporizes 99 percent of the toy shit all you *****s do into oblivion.the fact remains that kvee,terms,and myself could throw up a sketch and it would far surpass the freshest production you cats could muster(and that might seem a bit cocky,but the truth is the truth).the fact is that the cockiness and arrogance displayed by the majority of the so-called writers who post flicks on this forum is hilarious.the reason i seldom ever make remark as to the things that are said in this forum and the things that go down in this city is because you guys don't wanna hear nothing but your own voice,telling you that you're fresh.and the fact that you even mention the word style...i'm thru wastin my breath.
  4. thetruthurts

    thetruthurts Senior Member

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    i dont want to be misunderstood as taking sides in the beef that has crippled the miami scene for the last decade.that shit has nothing to do with me.and my intention is not to defend anyone involved in this argument.i dont know none of point is that 7up and bsk are so far above the people involved in this argument that they should not even be mentioned much less degraded by your comments.and as always,if anything i have said affects u emotionally,hit me up with a pm and let me know what you write and i'll get in touch with you by the weeks end so we can sort out whatever problems you might have.
  5. EP THUG 17

    EP THUG 17 Senior Member

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    ep city

    shut this thread down!!
  6. keepjockin777

    keepjockin777 Senior Member

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    Rp Mcmurphy WOW could you really be that ignorant?
  7. Getting Funds

    Getting Funds Senior Member

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    shut down

  8. INER 561

    INER 561 Senior Member

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    post more flicks..whats said is said
  9. scotty

    scotty Senior Member

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    Close This Thread
  10. Ignorant_youth

    Ignorant_youth Banned

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    wow. take your beef to the streets keep it off this thread shits getting irratating. gesus save us. lol
  11. NineFiftyFour

    NineFiftyFour Senior Member

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  12. Writing History

    Writing History Elite Member

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    RP MCducK does alot of talking without ever stating who she is!!!!!! Hide behind the screeen name E-thug!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 954life

    954life Elite Member

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    except for this, the last page should be taken out back n shot
  14. OrganicMechanic

    OrganicMechanic Senior Member

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  15. GunSmoke

    GunSmoke Member

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    "half of yall are professional talkers and don't do shit"

    Real TALK...
  16. ceostar

    ceostar Elite Member

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    all jakd..

    i dont think you can talk about miami history and what made or makes miami what it is or was without mentioning a few more names or crews cuz that just wouldnt be fair.. i know a whole lot of people are left out but i feel this is so much more accurate and descriptive of where miami style came from

  17. OrganicMechanic

    OrganicMechanic Senior Member

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  18. Writing History

    Writing History Elite Member

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    Notorious Crime Team
    None Can Test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Writing History

    Writing History Elite Member

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  20. Writing History

    Writing History Elite Member

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