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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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    SOUL PATCH Senior Member

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    a private mesage from masqueerdo561
    lolol this fool str8 up tellin me he used 2 be the only ***** who did paint palm bitch an now dont even bomb his own hood cuz he scared 2 catch a now fuk palm beach lol, comon cuz graff iz illegal everywere last time i check lol
  2. nomdeplume

    nomdeplume Senior Member

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  3. k 126

    k 126 Guest

    I never heard of anyone that got 15 years for graff.They can only charge for what they catch you doing.
  4. Writing History

    Writing History Elite Member

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  5. aeone

    aeone Guest

  6. HalfGangstaShit

    HalfGangstaShit Elite Member

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    fuck your respect. pretentious asshole.
    I don't need nor want it.
  7. Phantazm

    Phantazm Senior Member

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    WOW...WOW... dude learn to be more original when you make multiple accounts to up your Bombingscience Rep...

    What kind of crap is this i mean its not new but people get some mother fuckin sense into your heads and spray on a fuckin wall and stop trying to make everyone believe that you got this e-crew rolling with every word you post. Not hating man but please thats pretty fucking lame...

    Heath Ledger tribute is sizzling man looks fresh =)
  8. masquerido561

    masquerido561 Elite Member

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    dam!! thats all u got????
  9. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Senior Member

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    bump that fucking joker pieceeee
  10. random hero

    random hero Senior Member

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    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  11. Rp Mcmurphy

    Rp Mcmurphy Senior Member

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    well maybe the vandalism you do is not pretty. its not our fault your shit is slop, so we call it how we see it.
  12. Rp Mcmurphy

    Rp Mcmurphy Senior Member

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    i thought that was a B.
  13. slapshot_19

    slapshot_19 New Member

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  14. remz1

    remz1 Guest

    not tryin to be a dick but you kids should lay off the freights..or go to the local lines..leavin shit all over the yard..taggin all the surrounding areas isnt making things better.. blocking out the reporting marks but goin over the load limits isnt a good look either..its not gonna be long till some kid get smashed by a train or loses a limb till this shit gets cracked down your homework
  15. slapshot_19

    slapshot_19 New Member

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    its straight, not insulted, but the yard is a place we like to chill, and we get excited sometimes but its all in fun. and im sure we will manage to not loose any limbs. i appreciate the concern tho.
  16. GunSmoke

    GunSmoke Member

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  17. NineFiftyFour

    NineFiftyFour Senior Member

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  18. Rp Mcmurphy

    Rp Mcmurphy Senior Member

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    the point hes making is that other people paint there too, and you shouldnt heat up the "place you like to chill" at because you "get excited". TIGHTEN UP
  19. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Senior Member

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    im sorta on the in between wit this argument...
    i respect the fact that ur trying to bump the new 8up,
    by throwing them down on the freights, but at the same point,
    kill some walls first homie!
    then go and destroy the trains...
    more practice on walls makes ur shit better...
    if im stopped at a train tracks in traffic and i see that sorry ass green cesh wit the purple i would consider it an eyesore...wit more practice and help from other *****z in ur crew like from year or case(the cats wit more style in ur crew) maybe u can drop sumtin on the freights that would get more street credit...
    then maybe peeps might talk bout u like dey talk bout rumor,siner,dose and all them other cats owning the trains...
  20. kosher Only

    kosher Only Senior Member

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    Stop wasting time and paint on names that are already taken or that are lame. You kids should be getting up, paying your dues and getting a rep for your city and not getting chill and excited in the big kids playground that nobody will ever see. Janic is that stock colorplace on those freights? Classic.