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Spoken Word (poetry)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oink., Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    Spoken word yall, list up some've your favorite and some quotes? that mean alot.

    I've been a huge fan of spoken word for years. I couldnt find a thread, then again i never reallly looked.

    If your new to spoken word i'll post some links to a few of my favorites.

    Keep this thread alive erryooone.

    Sage francis & buddy wakefield

    Sage Francis - Spoken word

    buddy wakefield - elephant engine dive revival

    Buddy wakefield - my town (this is amazing)

    Keep this thread going, erryone whos even semi interested post up!

  2. FuckTheFame

    FuckTheFame Elite Member

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    destroy the tree
    which isnt me
    will prolly make me super happy

    im awesome
    your not
    learn the rules
    or pop a squat

    i like smiley faces and the stars
    you act like your from mars
    you know ill win so dont try to fight
    just open your eyes and say goodnight

    captain crunch
  3. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    i move through the night
    bursting the blistered sac of conformity
    follow music until it erupts out of trance-dance
    let the mushrooms play latino riffs
    on this amazon moon, &
    never underestimate the power of ghosts
    even for a skeptic
    there’s magic that refuses to budge

    dorothy checked out of this hotel years ago
    believing it was all a sugar-junkie’s dream
    but i flung my red shoes into the river
    found it’s better to dance the vision
    with burning feet
    than to tiptoe through the glitterati’s minefield
    collared & sequinned like paris h
    even for a dreamer
    there’s reality that refuses to budge

    reality that slides into focus
    like wood under fingernails
    a caress
    that allows exquisite abandon…
    there’s no place like home

    Local Crack Addict
  4. SALVO

    SALVO Elite Member

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    I've met Buddy before, that guy is the truth.

    Its not spoken word, but its one of the best contemporary poems authored, well worth the listen.

    Allen Ginsberg - Howl