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Start to shake whenever tagging or bombing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blue.toronto, Jan 7, 2020.

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  1. blue.toronto

    blue.toronto New Member

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    I been writing for about a year and half, but its been mostly on paper, old boxes, or in chill spots such as under bridges/hidden electric boxes and whenever im tagging there I have no trouble, my tags come out clean and neat but as soon as i start to tag somewhere visible to public my hands start to shake and my tags come out mad ugly, almost like it's my first time tagging even tho I know i can get really clean and good looking tags
  2. Skrimski

    Skrimski Member

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    Thats the adrenaline pumping.
    You have to get used to it and make sure you dont overthink because say someone does see you the odds of them calling the cops is pretty low and even if they do by the time youve done yur tag you should be long gone especially in public view.
    Keep a level head and keep bombing!
    Much Love
  3. havesomecorona*cough

    havesomecorona*cough Member

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    Drink a bottle of voodka. It vill heelp hew.
  4. spraynpray

    spraynpray Member

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    I think you're in your head too much, it's natural to be like that... this might be some different type of advice than what you might have expected but try meditating, it helps me tremendously... I feel very calm when I go out, and still observant without being paranoid.. Remember, the more focused you are, the better your graff will come out...

    F.E.A.R = false evidence appearing real
  5. Ted_Bundy

    Ted_Bundy New Member

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    stop being a pussy bro its from the adrenaline eat that shit up its what makes this shiit worth dewin
  6. lollona

    lollona New Member

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  7. gumOnShoe

    gumOnShoe Elite Member

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    breath smoothly (not deep and hard) to properly distribute the adrenaline evenly through your bloodstream.
  8. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Lots of terrible advice given here. If you cant paint because your scared (and there is nothing wrong with being scared) then you should probably stop. It's not for everyone. Your not a pussy, punk or whatever other expletive you want to use. Stick to books, paper, boards or find legal walls to do your work on. there are plenty of businesses out there that would love some free artwork on their walls. good luck.