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Starting over

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Notorious8, May 3, 2015.

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  1. Notorious8

    Notorious8 New Member

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    I'm out of the game for 9 years now, is starting over a good idea? How many of you have started over after many years?
  2. loonaii

    loonaii Elite Member

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    I started over after like 10 years.
  3. kickiticy2

    kickiticy2 Senior Member

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  4. SuburbanTurban

    SuburbanTurban Elite Member

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    my mom started over this one time during her pregnancy by having someone drop a bowling ball on her stomach during pregnancy and i turned out just fine.
    what im trying to say is if you have the desire to do it, then do it maan start over
  5. Notorious8

    Notorious8 New Member

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    But where i live nobody is up no more, i think i was one of the last. Kind of stupid that nobody here does graffiti anymore...
  6. jak24

    jak24 Senior Member

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    More reason to do it, You wont have to worry about cops suspecting that you're doing it since its not a big thing. also you might inspire some of the next generation of writers.
  7. JediJay

    JediJay Member

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    9 years is a big gap of time! I started over again after 3 and it was difficult BUT I had a completely different mindset and my life experience helped to see things clearer with a better perspective on what it was that I was doing. I encourage it! Get to work!
  8. DAHLA

    DAHLA Member

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    I was still randomly throwing tags but hadn't been up since '09. Feels good to be back.
  9. CacerOne

    CacerOne Senior Member

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    yeah dude! go out and get up! sounds like your city needs you! it'll be frustrating at first because you're the only one which means you'll be getting buffed a lot quicker. but if you keep at it, more of your tags will start to stick around.. and i bet you'll start to see some toys pop up here and there too. some of which might have potential