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Step Bi Step

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by CHILLEN905, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. Werse

    Werse Elite Member

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    I use whiteout pens.
  2. planetaryduality

    planetaryduality Senior Member

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    get some presto`s from officemaxxx or wherever. da ish whiteout pen.
  3. duke101

    duke101 Member

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    Anyone else notice that this thread and the markers thread always have the same questions and statements over and over and over again?
    just pointing it out

    Q):how do i do this?
    A): Figure it out for yourself

    Q):where can i get that?
    A): A store

    Q):why wont this work?
    A): Cuz your a tool.

    that should answer the next 7000989874387654789 pages worth of questions, just send the idiots to this post
  4. 7ate9

    7ate9 Member

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    ooooook well heres another tool question i geuss. are there any tricks so making the ink blacker when u make ink from pens and alcohol?
  5. tork614

    tork614 Member

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    lol use black pens?
  6. Shurik*n

    Shurik*n Senior Member

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    use more pen ink, and less alcohol?
  7. Mr yarbles

    Mr yarbles Elite Member

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    pen ink is shit
    I don't know why you guys waste your time with that crap
    Just get a kiwi
  8. rush2

    rush2 Senior Member

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    what the fuck kiwi shoe polish sucks you just use the marker for stuf
  9. Spark391

    Spark391 Senior Member

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    Has anybody goy a step-by-step (actually I need just some instructions) for taking the paint out from the spray can, do "make" it into roller paint? There used to be a picture in the internet, that showed where to make one hole at first, to make the pressure come out and where to make another hole to get the paint out from the can.. One store in here is selling 500 ml cans for about $0.90 (wich is quite rare in here, no cheap paint in here, the shitty paint costs as much or even more than montana in here) and because some of the cans are very low pressured and some wont work, (they are out of date) I decided to make a good roller with them... Has anybody got some ideas? If I sprayed the paint into the paint bucket, then some fumes will still be left into the paint, and some paint will problabally be wasted i think. How safe is it to crush a hole into the can? I mean, if the crush will make a spark than it can explode? Or i should go with the method "let's crush that can with a rock in a safe distance" ? Anybody who has donne it before please instruct me..

    Pen ink is decent, if you get your supplies free, or when they cost very little. If the money and time you waste in making the ink is close to going to store and buying a good ink, then it's better to just buy your ink.. The problem with pen ink, is that it fades away fast.. I did a tag about 6 months ago outside, and there's almost nothing left from the tag. It's fun to experiment tough, making your ink is fun..
  10. dropt-one

    dropt-one Member

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    the pen ink thing is such a waste of time... kiwi mops are def the way to go... couldnt be any easier really lol
  11. thedudeman

    thedudeman Senior Member

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    turn the can upside down and spray until air stops coming out then poke a hole and let the paint drain out... idk how good it would work for a roller never really thought about it but give it a shot i guess
  12. iselldope

    iselldope Senior Member

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    and don't put it in a marker,it dries faster so it clogs the fuck outta your marker
  13. draped-snowman

    draped-snowman Member

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  14. Lee*89

    Lee*89 Member

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    the scuff cover works nice not as much drip as I thought maybe b/c im using ink that goes in presses?
  15. NepNEEKgraffing

    NepNEEKgraffing Senior Member

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    ok ppl this shits been buggin me....wen it comes to erasers does it hav to b a chalk bord eraser? cus at my skool its all dry erase bords so we dnt got chalk bord erasers....
  16. boodah

    boodah Senior Member

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    Anything with felt on it will work.
  17. NepNEEKgraffing

    NepNEEKgraffing Senior Member

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  18. sweetsourpork

    sweetsourpork New Member

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    does it actually dry that fast? Would adding paint thinner to it help?

    LOLONER Member

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  20. iselldope

    iselldope Senior Member

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    i tried it and it fucked my marker up so don't try it guys