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Step Bi Step

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by CHILLEN905, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. itsallinthehips

    itsallinthehips Member

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  2. AoAssis

    AoAssis Elite Member

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    yeah thats stupid, I have done it before.
  3. taxus

    taxus Senior Member

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    Hahaha, I thought that was quite cool....

  4. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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    why not just tag the object daft fag

    *high fives toxus*

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    this is my guide to making a homemade mop...probly posted several times already but bear with me

    what u need: kiwi polish bottle or something like it
    funnel (u dont need it but it helps)
    empty bottle to store extra paint in
    some brake fluid (dot3 is best)
    small tin of paint
    your supplies:
    View attachment 228710

    step 1:
    pour your paint into a small plastic bottle as shown
    View attachment 228711

    step 2:
    add a few splashes of dot3
    View attachment 228712

    step 3:
    thin your paint out. since i didnt have oil based paint, it thins out easily and good with water
    View attachment 228713

    step 4: shake your mix up, then pour it into your shoe polish bottle...or whatever you have..i swiped this baby from michaels
    View attachment 228714

    step 5: put your valve thing back on your mop
    View attachment 228715

    step 6: the finished product
    View attachment 228716

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    honey oil:

    what you need:
    6 grams of good pot (bc dro if u can get it)
    1 coffee filter
    1 can of butane gas
    1 nail
    1 ft of plastic pvc pipe with 1 cover for the end (you can get this at canadian tire, homedepot or werever)
    1 small bowl or tupperware dish

    before i start, if you blow yourself up (highly unlikely) or start trafficking this stuff bigtime (also unlikely) i had nothing to do with it. Im just posting it as a guide.

    take your pvc pipe cover, and using the nail, poke a hole in the center of the pvc pipe lid. Then, screw it on to the end of the pvc pipe. Now take your coffee filter and duct tape it on to the other end of the pvc pipe (make sure its on good and snug) take your 6 g's and put it into the pvc pipe so that the pot is being held in the pipe by the coffee filter.

    Now, your going to want to go outside for the next part. into the woods is a good spot.

    so you should have a) pvc pipe full of dope, with a coffee filter at one end, and a lid with a smallhole at the other. Now, place your bowl or tupperware dish on the ground, and get your buddy to hold it about 6 inches from the dish (the coffee filter should be facing the dish, with the hole end facing up towards you). take the butane and insert the tip into the hole. Spray the ENTIRE can of butane into the pvc pipe. but be careful as it can become quite cold. you should notice the greenish liquid coming out of the pvc pipe and collecting in the dish below, you may think 'i fucked it up' but if it looks like water with a slightly greenish tint then your on the right track. Now what the butane did was remove almost all THC content from the weed and put it into your bowl, so as u might have guessed the weed in the pipe is useless (we bagged it back up and sold it to younger kids to make all our money back).

    take your dish with the thc/butane mixture and take it into your bathrom or mcdonalds and fill the sink up with hot water. hold the dish in the HOT water for about 5 minutes. all of the butane should evaporate leaving you with yellowish residue at the bottom. THIS IS PURE THC. scrape it out into vials and smoke it. you can put it on cigarette papers and smoke joints. or if you know how to run tokes with it (its relly hard) then do that.
  7. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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  8. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    pretty dope..I tried it a few mins ago and it works pretty guess'n if u add less water, it'll be more opaque?
  9. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    your adding DOT 3 to a latex based paint.. AND adding water to thin it out?

    1)latex paint aint perminant
    2)Adding dot 3 to Latex paint wont make it stain.
    3)your using WATER to thin out paint.. think about it. Water's gonna take it right off..
  10. taxus

    taxus Senior Member

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    Thats what I said on my TOXUS acount.
    You cant mix oils with water.
    Its like, Cheese wont mix with coke.
    The water based will just sit ontop of the oils.

    Some people really are morons on here.
  11. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    latex and oil based paint are two different things.
    hes using Latex paint wich is water based.. adding DOT 3 Then adding water wont make it any better..

    Just buy oil based bucket paint
  12. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    ^^ true cause i just went down to see if my tag would rub off and it did...did it with my scratch that out.

    CANADIANA Senior Member

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    well, when i bought the paint, i didnt realize it was latex. i added mineral sprits to it and fucked it up. So the only thing i had was water, and it had worked previously, so i threw it in aswell. As far as the break fluid goes, i had it on hand so it wouldnt hurt to add it in.

    so, if you were referring to me being a moron, i suggest you eat shit
    it still works, just shake the damn thing up

    i posted it becuase its cheap, all you really need is paint and water. So if your tight on $$$, its the possibly the easiest/cheapest thing you can make
  14. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    just clean out the bottle and re-use it ;)
  15. blaze...

    blaze... Senior Member

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    does anyone know about this fabric paint and if u do can u thin it out with paint thinner and anyone from the 613 pm me
  16. dekae

    dekae New Member

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    where do you guys get your shoe shine mops
  17. doc1

    doc1 Elite Member

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    um............. all over that place man. any drug store should have em
  18. Detoxication

    Detoxication Senior Member

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  19. Fuckiev

    Fuckiev Member

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    shoppers drug mart
    canadian tire
  20. Fuckiev

    Fuckiev Member

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    ok stop using fucking latex paint
    just rack a can of oil based, just go in a store, get a can of silver, put in in your bag and leave