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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Waseone, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. darkling_stalkr

    darkling_stalkr Senior Member

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    where do you guys get your stickers? once i racked some Hello my name is stickers from this store and they where like aluminum backed and friggin impossible to get off
  2. zionpnk

    zionpnk Senior Member

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    definately if its high or in an awkward spot then HIT IT!!!! oh man i cant tell you how many fucking 8x11 peices of paper tagged with a magnum are 12 feet high on light poles in my city due to me...

    but that was t*yish but it werks if you wanna keep em up.

    *If you wanna let em fly you gotta keep em high.*
  3. MuertO

    MuertO Senior Member

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  4. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    the paste you can get for wall paper is good but it means you have to walk around with a bucket of it. Yer put stickers on high places and they dont bother taking them down.
  5. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    when i do stickers, i usualy put them inside of newstands. no one scratches them and thew dont get wet!!!
  6. halo

    halo Senior Member

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    You in calgary?
  7. TIONZ_ER!

    TIONZ_ER! Elite Member

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    newsstands, mailboxes, gte boxes... best place to find or stick stickers... they will never get torn off that ive seen inless someone has beef with you. Phone booths are aiight here and backdoors of buisnesses stay up a little bit.. Electrical boxes on sides of buildings, and light poles in the middle of medians in the street never get ripped off either. But thats dallas. An easy way to keep em stuck up is to get one of those glue pens with the felt tip or roller tip load it full with wallpaper glue slap and mark over it with trhat wall paper glue... Shit stays good maybe after a few months the glue will get weatherbeaten and disappear but most of the time they stay up.
  8. Waseone

    Waseone Senior Member

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    You in calgary? [/b][/quote]
    no im from Hamilton
  9. PyroManiak

    PyroManiak Senior Member

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  10. slavetopaint

    slavetopaint Member

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    yeah...i think spending that much time on a sticker goes around the meaning of using stickers...its just a quick little stupid thing....does it really matter if it gets ripped off?....its a can put hundreds up in an hour...
  11. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    isnt it true that if you get caught putting up stickers, you get in less trouble than you would if you were to get caught putting up handstyles with markers everywhere?
  12. the infamous one

    the infamous one Elite Member

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    of course thats true, stickers arent doing shit to the thing your puttin them on so technically its not vandalism.
  13. Skippy

    Skippy Senior Member

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    stickers are the shit....
  14. MANiAkONe

    MANiAkONe Elite Member

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    heck i love to use stickers its fucking slick when u dont got time to take out ur pen and do it the long way hehe but the think is sometimes i get a little to caryed away on em and put alot of stuff and that means alot of ink and what that does is that it makes it stik i gotta find some that are posted with super glue lol
  15. MANiAkONe

    MANiAkONe Elite Member

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    and yo the stickers u did in red man those are pretty dope...
  16. *Baozone*

    *Baozone* Senior Member

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  17. AXIS

    AXIS Senior Member

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    Wow, that's a fucking big sticker Baozone :eek:
  18. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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  19. mr. she77

    mr. she77 Elite Member

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    those are ill foe, it would be cool if you could reverse the color where the black is so the inside of the letters are white (if cyou know what i mean). that letters would stick out better. byt the way, how big are they?
  20. mr. she77

    mr. she77 Elite Member

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    oh haha, i didnt even notce that you DID reverse the colors on the ONERISM part in your top one so u do know what i mean. i was talking about the 10 doller bill one. fuck i have a lot of ideas tonight, i dont feel like typing them out though.