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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Waseone, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. pdxmith

    pdxmith Senior Member

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    stickers are the shit i spent my weekend making about a hundred.god I cant wait 4 some goddamn dogooder to peel them down
  2. Tokenkaligreens

    Tokenkaligreens Elite Member

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    peta people eating tasty animals :)

    nice sticks sbombs.
  3. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    people still fucking say that?

    "duhh heh heh.. peta.. people eating tasty animals.. heh heh.. im so funny hehheh"

    I don't support PETA anymore (I used to) but seriously, but this just pisses me off. Saying People Eating Tasty Animals doesn't make ANY SENSE and just makes you look like a stupid ignorant asshole.

    I suppose this doesn't matter anyways because whoever says "peta: people eating tasty animals" only says it just to piss off PETA supporters, and getting a rise out of someone no matter what would be a success.
  4. Tokenkaligreens

    Tokenkaligreens Elite Member

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    lmfao man i used to be a vegetarian.
  5. ViaHipHop

    ViaHipHop Senior Member

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    Last edited: Feb 4, 2008
  6. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    yeah i was a vegetarian for 6 years. now due to medical reasons i cant eat raw vegetables anymore. not even a salad. really kills my intestines. ironic huh.

    Seize clipped the backgrounds from magazines and glued them to 228's then drew the throw on them.
  7. KEAZE

    KEAZE Senior Member

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    those look so hot wish peeps from where im from would do more than just tag a sticker n put it up awesome stuff anyways

    WERMS TWO Senior Member

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  9. ladie.salo

    ladie.salo Senior Member

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  10. C-Lurk

    C-Lurk Senior Member

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    Is that a Ratchet and Clank B/G, Seize?
  11. SEIZE [reppin yo hood]

    SEIZE [reppin yo hood] Elite Member

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  12. scape_uno

    scape_uno Senior Member

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    heres some crappy cell phone pic

    trades anyone?
    pm me
  13. revid!

    revid! Elite Member

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  14. ThickGravy

    ThickGravy Senior Member

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  15. motionsickness

    motionsickness Senior Member

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  16. Blam!

    Blam! Senior Member

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    hey if im up in canada where can i get stickers like thoses?
  17. remos

    remos Senior Member

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    haha rachet and clank...
    and to get those stickers you either have to get them sent to you or go to the US to get the USmail ones
    i looked into it
  18. ##sable##

    ##sable## Senior Member

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    i tried to give him some. he wouldnt take them.
  19. Tekel

    Tekel Elite Member

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    best way i found to get them is to go to shoppers drug mart or somthing where they have a post office or just go to any post office and tell them ur dads mailing a bunch of stuff using ebay and he needs these box stickers.. maybe even print off a picture, half the time when i went they didnt even know what i was talking about tell i showed them one and then they just handed over like 200 cus they didnt even use them. so yah i donno its diffrent some places, but it wasnt that hard to get when we were getting them. things might have changed. good luck.
  20. UNCLE

    UNCLE Senior Member

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    Even it you want just blank stickers, STAPLES has like a whole section of sticker packs different sizes, sifferent papers. just sitting in the isle easy to rack. you can get 10/12 inch sheets ina 32 pack. anyways just my 2 cents