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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by Waseone, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. Tombie15

    Tombie15 Senior Member

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    Been a loooooong time. I tore a ligament in my foot and am incapacitated for at least the next month, so i figured id get back into stickers.

    I wasn't particularly happy with how most of these turned out

    PM for trades.
  2. Just Another

    Just Another Senior Member

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    OH MY FUCKING GOD... Those Stickers are FIYAH Tombie...
  3. Chebyrashka

    Chebyrashka Senior Member

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    check this out

    Attached Files:

  4. Tombie15

    Tombie15 Senior Member

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    I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic.

    @ Justanother
  5. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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  6. Tombie15

    Tombie15 Senior Member

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    Im digging his variety. My pack from him was about 100 of those ones in the middle.
  7. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    im not sure if im the minority on this these days.. but if i did a trade pack and i got an envelope of printed pieces with just the fills done by hand i would be pretty disappointed. theres a time and a place for printed mass prod.. but where im seeing it in the past pages isnt where i personally would call it appropriate.
  8. scoot

    scoot Elite Member

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    mr. cile, when are you and me gonna trade mang

    i wanna add u to the nv book
  9. Slob

    Slob Elite Member

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  10. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    ^That makes my dick hard as fuck!

    neways, got some fucking awesome packs from Dave Misled and Too8pe today..........i'll upload flicks soon

    o ya poler, where u at? u kno ya still owe me a pack rite?........jus remindin ya bro
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2008
  11. port-a-john enthusiest

    port-a-john enthusiest Senior Member

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    Some packs from recent trades. please excuse the sideways ones..i was going to turn them..long story short..i didn't. obviously.

    14 bolt
    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:

    Star wars dude.
    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:

    Here are some new ones. pm if you want them.
    [Broken External Image]:
  12. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    received 2 awesome packs today!

    from Dave Misled:
    -yea my scanner doesn't pick up certain colors, the colors in real life are actually much more vibrant/better
    he also put in this awesome tube map in the pack

    from too 8pe:
    sent me a shit load of slaps :)
    he also sent me this kewl mini-poster
  13. kase121

    kase121 Senior Member

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    bumppp that sticker and bike are sick as fuck, you should rock the yamaha though.....ha
  14. BoRe-719-

    BoRe-719- Elite Member

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    good to see some new work in this thread, good stuff keep it up
  15. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    oh wow, joal i haven't seen you in ages..........u are such an inspiration to me

    glad to hear ur holding down a good job and family :)
  16. equator_2012

    equator_2012 Senior Member

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    where can i get ahold of some of them craig dudes stickers?

    or some of SLOBS stickers
  17. pdxmith

    pdxmith Senior Member

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    theres some real good shit on this page
  18. ADogg

    ADogg Member

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    i love the star wars stickies enthusi
  19. THEfreerideKID

    THEfreerideKID Senior Member

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    those are mine adogg, pm me if u want to trade
  20. Evasion Of Invasion

    Evasion Of Invasion Senior Member

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