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Style Vs Can Control?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, Apr 30, 2006.

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Which do you think is more important in a piece?

  1. Style

  2. Can Control

  1. SEZ

    SEZ Senior Member

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    I agree with oblong on this one, you can have ill style but you have to have the can control to put it up properly. it has to be those clean, crisp lines that make an ill piece for me!
  2. Spector727

    Spector727 Member

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    I love seeing someone rock a straight style bit if someone doesn't know how to control the can...I dunno. Drips always fuck up a piece in my opinion.
  3. ZoToS ...

    ZoToS ... Elite Member

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  4. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    well said
  5. jez

    jez Senior Member

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    I think they both play a huge role in a battle, If you have a shit style but your rock that can, then its less likely to play in your favor
    same with having a good style and it looking blasted like ass.
    But i think style has a little more to do in a battle,
    Because it all has to do with the look of the piece
    and you should atleast have some can control.

    I think i probably went in a total circle with that, but hopefully you guys get it hah.
  6. Tanner

    Tanner Senior Member

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    both has to be both or your funked
  7. epiL*

    epiL* Senior Member

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    style includes can control, and that control influences your style
  8. ados

    ados Elite Member

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    woah thats what i was gonna say. i thought the two went hand in hand and that this question was stupid. style devolops with can control. and vise verse. correct me if im wrong.
  9. step one

    step one Senior Member

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    i'd say style is developed...can control is acquired, In other words your style is influenced and changed by numerous variables but can control is gained from one major source. PRACTICE. Of course similarities are obvious, to gain both you must experiment and so on and so forth but overall style is quite versatile, and can control is a little more static…

    edit: when it comes to most important, they are need both for piecing, or you have rubbish.
  10. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    i say can control, i'd rather have god can control and a decent style, instead of shitty can control and a sick style
  11. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

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    this is a hard one, i voted can controll; you can make a simple throw up with good can controll, it also adds to your style.
    style is nothign if u cant make it look good
  12. CUDA-Guerrilla Krew<---

    CUDA-Guerrilla Krew<--- Senior Member

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    null, i think think it takes a combination of both to produce a peice at all

    dumb fuckin thread <_<
  13. 10-103m

    10-103m Senior Member

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    like many have said, you need both, if your super clean then you might beat out a piece with good style, but more messy.

    heres an analogy, acceleration vs top speed. sometimes you can beat someone on pure acceleration even if your car cant top 100mph, but other times even if you can get 0 - 60 in two seconds, if you top out at 60, youll get your ass beat in the long run.

    so who ever have more total combined style and clean lines would win for me.
  14. streak!

    streak! Senior Member

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    that makes more sence then jaba the hutt.
  15. 10-103m

    10-103m Senior Member

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    and i disagree with this.... i could have the sickest style on paper, but couldnt put it on a wall for shit, drippy everywhere and uneven lines. and i could paint the most perfect, even, circles and squares with no drips, so good it wouldnt even look like spray paint, but i could have no idea what to do with that and therefore have no style. so i think they both develop independently.

    what i do agree with, is that in most cases, those who have good can control also have good style because they naturally progress and practice both as time goes on.
  16. 42yr.old Metalhead

    42yr.old Metalhead Senior Member

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    this thread is weak.

    just Paint everyday.
  17. NAD_sat

    NAD_sat Member

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    im going to have to agree with most of the people.
    style is developed and control is aquired.
    many people have can control but style is all your own, when it comes to battles you really do need both, but since there was no choice of both, i put down style.
  18. imported_newz12

    imported_newz12 Moderator

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    Gesus, I have to disagree on this one. The Snafu freight you posted is not so simple: it has style as much as the most complex wildstyle piece to me. Snafu is one of the writers who have mastered the art of "simple letters" and I think this is the essence of graffiti. Take something simple, make it your way, but still accessible to everyone and you have a winner. Graffiti is advertising... but when an ad is not understood it fails in its goal.

    So yeah, style is really important, but without technique it is nothing. The opposite is also true. You can't be a good graffiti writer before mastering both. And one is not more important than the other, since if you don't have style your can control doesn't matter and if you don't have can control we can't appreciate your style.
  19. mizta

    mizta Senior Member

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    wow i couldnt have said it better

    see i have the problem or writeing down what i actualy wanna write its like i wanna say somthing but other werds come out :unsure:
  20. mizta

    mizta Senior Member

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