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Style Vs Can Control?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, Apr 30, 2006.

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Which do you think is more important in a piece?

  1. Style

  2. Can Control


    SPEKIOS Senior Member

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    Style is important but I think that style comes with can control ... If you aint got can control then chances are your style is wack !! :ph34r: :ph34r:
  2. VaN

    VaN Senior Member

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    so tru. some people's style depends on their can control. for example i'm an artist first i kno how to airbrush draw ect. i can draw a dope piece but i cant paint it as well because i havnt been painting and can control both evolve but can control is most important. i kno some writers that can paint clean but blow in terms of style tho so its sorta double sided.
  3. otrfatcap

    otrfatcap Senior Member

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    im unsure on this one...i know quite a few people that can paint badass but have no style, and vice versa...
  4. news

    news Elite Member

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    lol bollox both can be learnt but style is harder and if u can sprey clean lines but ur style is shit as fuk and still looks ugly den can control aint guna get u very far
  5. Mi_Vida_Muerta

    Mi_Vida_Muerta Member

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    its all bout style mayn kuz its easier to learn to have can control than it is to have style. id rather see a piece with ill ass style than a wack piece thats really clean
  6. Krole

    Krole Member

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    How the hell is can control winning, it is so easy to learn, some toys have can control, style is where its at cause style comes from years of experience, and if you have years of experience then you probably picked up some can control somewhere along the way. And by the way America, Fuck Yeah!
  7. aces

    aces Elite Member

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    ya need both of em to do well with graff
  8. Strong Arm Robberies SARS

    Strong Arm Robberies SARS Member

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    Can Control... Cant paint .. ya no matter how tight ya sketch was.. ya piece prolly gunna come fuked up.. if u got control of tha can... u can do simple sht.. and it might look tight.. cuz it crisp.
  9. REMEK

    REMEK Senior Member

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    i havent got much style but my can controll is alright and my pieces look good.
  10. obseen

    obseen Elite Member

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    fisiks piece looked well good from far out bu when we got close up it got a bit yucky
    on that example id vote fisik
  11. thief 127

    thief 127 Senior Member

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    i think style is more important. cause if u dont got style wat do u have. and can control is a sign of experience so u would most likely learn it later on in ur career
  12. M0St----->.

    M0St----->. Member

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    U can do anything if u have a good can control.Every style that u put on a wall n give a clean look will look great.Dats wut i think
  13. Struk

    Struk Elite Member

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    yeh i went with the control too...
  14. scOpeOne

    scOpeOne Elite Member

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    id say both arre just as important
  15. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    Both equally amount to alot.

    For example:

    You do a fly peice in your book, but when you do it on the street it looks like a child threw his chocolate ice cream cone at the wall when his mommy said that the toy store is closed on sunday.
  16. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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  17. ChRoMa 11820

    ChRoMa 11820 Senior Member

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    what good is can control if u suck style wise

    i picked style

    but both matter a lot
  18. morningglory

    morningglory Elite Member

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    i say style... cuz some cats are rocking mad ghetto pieces with stocks and shitty paint and the style still makes it hot

    DISKO HOP SKOTCH Senior Member

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    can control is easier to get down than a solid style

    picked style
  20. mannequin

    mannequin Senior Member

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    style, can contrl is nothing without style. im sure all you guys have seen those clean pieces done by toys with absolutely no structure, flow etc.