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Suggestions on improvement would be appreciated

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Taig13, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Taig13

    Taig13 New Member

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    Does anyone have suggestions for this? Taig.jpg
  2. whatsGRAF

    whatsGRAF Member

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    I would try to get the letters more of the same size throughout the whole piece, and also the same style of flow throughout the whole piece. I would also cut down on the arrows and some of those "hunks" (for lack of a better word) on your letters.
  3. no-sleep

    no-sleep Senior Member

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    drop the paint for now and draw in your blackbook till you get some sort of feel for letters, it may take time but thats what everyone did. also it looks like you came up with this on the spot
  4. SLVR1

    SLVR1 Member

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    Letters need to be more basic and try to get a handle on 3d
  5. bait

    bait Senior Member

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    i suggest in the future you dont make threads for this
  6. zero_CDM

    zero_CDM New Member

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  7. SLVR1

    SLVR1 Member

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  8. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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  9. eido777

    eido777 Senior Member

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    This is fucking awsome!
  10. CallMeFred

    CallMeFred Senior Member

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    SEAK_CAPSS Member

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    yea like the others said write in your backblook some more before you just go out and start trying to piece. other then whats already been said though id say work on can control i see a handful of lines that are kinda wavy but dont look like they where supposed to be. like on the top right arrow and top of the t for example.... personaly im not to big on arrows i almost never use them. but if you are try and make them more equilateral and not so big. and try to make them come from somwhere. dont just have arrows randomly coming from behind letters unless your doing some crazy wild style shit then i guess most people wont notice. other then that i guess its not too too bad for what im assuming is one of your first few times with paint, just keep at it.. ....

    btw every says to only blackbook for so long before painting.. i say fuck that ive been writing since i was 14 and i only blackbooked for a month before painting.. my paint looked like shit but fuck it why not? just dont go over anything or spray anywhere your gunna start beef and shit till you get good. keep up man. and try some throwies too you dont look like your ready for piecing. sorry it was so long haha