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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, May 7, 2007.

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  1. AMansNotACamel

    AMansNotACamel Senior Member

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    Yo I totally agree. Though no matter how much you don't like me saying it, a lot of people who post in here have no intention of listening to the answers that are given to them. Often, when someone gives a nice well thought answer to someones questions about their problems, they get a retort like 'You don't understand' or whatever. Obviously if somebody has a genuine problem that they are asking about people will answer with respect. But. When some dumb fucking cunt tells people they should only associate with depressed, suicidal people as if it would solve their problems, sarcasm deserves to be thrown at them. Which IS what that cat was saying. Also when people ask dumb questions like 'drugs fuck my life bla bla bla, what can I do to stop feeling this way' use a bit of common sense. Forreals if drugs are fucking your life, like if anything else was fucking your life. Dissociate yourself. For fuck sake it's relatively easy to employ even a bit of common sense when searching for answers.
    As for suicide in general, it does need to be taken seriously, people who are severely depressed that do or do not tell anyone about it need answers they can use not answers like 'I feel you mang.' However, heads who ask for help but are not willing to accept it and push the same point/reason to commit suicide over again (inferring they are not using methods to make themselves better) are idiots.
    I guess, overall, what I am really getting at, is this should be a place for people who genuinely want help to get legitimate ways of helping themselves or seeking it out, talking about experiences which would help people seeking understanding NOT a place for glorification of an act like suicide.
  2. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    this thread was never made as a glorification perhaps you should read the very first post again
    as it was all about exactly what you said, finding legitimate ways of helping people
  3. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    dig your hole deeper if you want
    but i know that all towns have graffiti artists that dont revolve around violence

    and if you seriously think it doesnt exist, than stand out from the crowd
    show that it can
    eventually the same people looking for violence free graffiti will find you
    anyways calling people fag tag bangers shows youre happy dissing others who are in the same community as you

    KID XYLENE Member

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    im isolating my self to my head

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    shits made a 180 these past couuple weeks damn im happy as shit nd cant wait for gesus beats to get hur cant wait that shit is iiln!!! ne 1 who diises on em should well...i dont think its appropraite to sat but chyea!!! so happy n drunk lol
  6. SeapNSR

    SeapNSR Senior Member

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    yeh man
    my best mate through high school was the over achiever and i was the rat bag
    dont really know how we were friends
    but in societys eyes ive grown up to become a worthless peice of shit vandal and he couldve been whatever the fuck he wanted
    and he decided to kill himself
    rip bro
    not half as bad as my mates dad gassing himself when he was 8
    man shit can get fucked up i pretty much spend every day wanting to off myself cuz the more i try to let shit out the more i get in trouble the more i dont see a point
    only thing that keeps me going is the thought of my family and friends faces when they found out i lopped myself off a building...probably the way id do it after painting that roof
    which reminds me of another mate who jumped last year
    rip man
    man i wish people could understand we do what we do cuz its the only thing that keeps us running
    well i should speak for myself but i doubt im the only one like this

    its like when homies get sent to jail for drugs and shit
    how the fuck is that gunna help them get straight
    its just gunna send them further down the spiral until they end up under a train or soemthing
    why not try help them get better instead of worse
    fucking pathetic
    kill other people before you kill yourself yo
    genocide solves all problems
  7. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    im cool with all you said....except those last 2 dude? (talking to seap)
  8. walkdatline

    walkdatline Senior Member

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    dog...a lotta the time ppl arent lookin for some to fix thier problems for them...jus a listening ear....they usually jus need sumbody to vent on..

    also there is a differencce between being depressed or sad and really contemplating suicide...and i see a lot of ppl in here that r jus depressed
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2008
  9. cds_dogg665544

    cds_dogg665544 Senior Member

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    just like me homie i got a surround sound that hooks up to my ipod i spend all my time in my room listening to music when i wake up listen to music and i do watch alittle bit of comedy network at night ive been sick for the past week hope ill be better by tommorow and be able to bomb this friday

    atleast im not really depressed like usual

    KID XYLENE Member

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    pushed them all away.
    No friends, No girls, No family.
    No money means soon No wheels, No roof over my head or No clothes on my body.
    No motivation.

    regrets overshadowing acomplishments.
    No more hope.

    nothing makes any sense to me anymore.

    blowing addies made my brain overthink itself a couple days ago. almost as if it thought my life out for me, then decided it wasnt worth it. i spend a good amount of my time where i think i could end all the pain just by thinking about it...
    hours spent lost in human thought.

    nothing really matters anymore.

    ive become numb to the world around me.

    honestly... im not afraid.. just numb
  11. Fazed

    Fazed Senior Member

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    same here.

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

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    was n a police pursuit crashed flipped almost died i still dont have a clue wat lifes about
  13. charles408

    charles408 Senior Member

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    great thread.

    suicide is the most selfish ever

    what were the members names how did you find out?
  14. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    well wherever you are is not getting you anywhere, and it seems you have nothing to lose, so i'd suggest leaving and finding somewhere new and try finding a job and finding a new life.

    KID XYLENE Member

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    it would be like building a sandcastle when the tides coming in
  16. SOBER

    SOBER Senior Member

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    thats amazing advice
    just get it out anyway you can. i used to stay up at night and just talk and pretend someones listening. it actually really helped me, i dunno if itll do the same for you. and like gesus said you should probably stay away from adderall because the comedown of the makes me feel even more depressed and sometimes suicidal.
    other than that i dont really know what to tell you
  17. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    well that would be like thinking and not trying to have your negative outlook on things affect you. sometimes the view out of the window does make a difference. if you arent sure about your friends and things you either need to find new friends in your area or find your friends in a new area. know what i mean?

    KID XYLENE Member

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    easyer said than done...
    thanks tho
  19. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    true, but you should definately go for it, if you are so close to the edge and you intend to just fall off, give it a shot and try to jump it.
  20. -des-

    -des- Senior Member

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    Suicides been on my mind alot lately.....winter is just so damn depressing! gotta admit though this thread could help...