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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, May 7, 2007.

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  1. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    yeah, sometimes i have to force myself to eat something at the beginning of the day and part of the way through because i lift at school and enjoy track afterwards, i need my strength, but other than that i dont have an appetite until im about to go to sleep.
  2. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    i tend to see really strong polar emotions as well when having a girlfriend.
    i think that when you are attached to someone you allow more emotion out and dont censure yourself thus you feel emotions stronger.

    as for the pills i am completely with you, i think they can be just a black box that "allow" people to function in their daily lives. i had a mate on them and a friend and i convinced him that he didnt need them at all, he hasnt stopped thanking us since. he had anxiety attacks and when the meds wore off everything seemed to just fall right back on him, once off the meds he was fine and was able to deal with his problems like a normal human being instead of being carefree about them.
  3. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    yeah one of my best friends is on welbutrin, and i really haven't noticed much of a difference with him at all, except maybe that he has a little more fun doing fun things. but other than that, he's the same old dude. plus bad mood swings now. that's what that shit can do to you. (but don't get me wrong, it may also be able to make a world of diference and brighten up your day a ton, but not in this case)

    and he has to watch out when doing certain things like acid now, cause welbutrin makes you a lot more prone to having seizures, especially on that.

    and yes, he's gonna stop doing acid after next week. but still, there's no way to get him to stop doing drugs in general. unless he were to actually have a seizure. kid may never learn.

    and i mainly eat for the purpose of having the energy to make it through the day too. so far, i've been getting by with the bare minimum, but that might have to stop.
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  4. Jihad

    Jihad Senior Member

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    yeah true. you're exactly right. BUT, each person is different and each pill is different, the effect on the person is going to be different. Lexapro, a medication used to treat depression and anxiety has NO negative effects on you if you take it when your suppost to. if it works it works and if it doesn't well it doesnt. its not like prozac where it can give you the negative effect and make you more depressed and doesn't give a large ambition loss. by that i mean being too care free. so pills work for certaint people and some don't. i take a really low dossage and usually thats what they're going to give you; i by no means feel like a zombie. its more like "im allowed" to feel happy or excited at the right times as aposed to being care free or super happy all the time OR not being able to enjoy anything all the time. it all depends on what you take. i once had the opinion that you did and i didn't want to take my pills but i just look at it like well some people are need insulin because they're diabetic and some people need a lexapro because they have a small imbalance in their head. its no big deal because nobodys perfect.
  5. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    fuck.. never scare me like that again
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  6. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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  7. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    get rid of her. as hard as it may be, it's the best decision. staying in that is just gonna make it worse and get you caught up in way more drama. like i said, from what it sounded like, it wasn't real from the start. it may be a hard task to accomplish, but all in all, it will be worth it. especially when you find another better girl. if she's gonna play you like that, she doesn't deserve to have you speaking for her. i'm sorry that that's all happening though, man. it's a huge shame when that shit comes to life. my best wishes to you, and i hope you find the strength to cut it off. just keep us posted on that shit and we'll help you out

    EDIT: make sure all that shit's true though. don't go solely on assumptions. only if it's known fact.
  8. LostYouth

    LostYouth Elite Member

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    straight up, what ever you do, dont self harm yourself
    worst mistake i ever did in my life
    i have to face that shit EVERDAY, and there is not much i can do about it
    *ahhh that feels good to get that off my chest"
    i hate my life right now, today i was in advisory and was like, fuck this, fuck all this, i hate my life
    i really fucking hate it
    but if your smart i mean TRULY smart, you will stick that shit out, and dont let it get to you, cause thats when you know your really a man, and know your not one of the losers who will eventaully fall to life's tortures...
  9. DeDo1

    DeDo1 Senior Member

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    i understand alot of u hate me and what not but i need to get this out i driving myself crazzy my dad will be dead for 2 years soon and when ever i think about him all i can remember is seing him lying in the grass and trying to wake him puonding on all the windows screaming crying woundering y it was me that had to find him like this i wish it was me instead i would have liked it better to have took his place it would have done the world better and i guess the internet too you all are probally not going to care what i have to say but live your life to fullest who cares it there are laws and rules fuck that in my experience it can be fine one day expecting the best to come and it all blow up in your face i just hope to enjoy myself while it last as time goes by i keep trying to make it better for myself and others but never succeed i hate my life but i try to make the best of it
  10. xDesTx

    xDesTx Senior Member

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    For a fact Dedo1

    I Dont hate you, actually your like my best friend on this forum

    i know how you feel i've been through a similar experience with my mother but for me, i couldnt get over it either

    im sorry atm im not in my right mind, my head has been destroyed with lies and my knowledge has been fucked to the max,

    Dedo, i care for you like your my sister,

    you really need msn lol

    you'd be one hell of a person to talk to, because your deep from what ive noticed. but also all the shit you've been getting for just being a girl on here, is ridiculous
  11. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    I don't hate you either.
    I was even telling Borg the other day that I was talking to you and I really couldn't see why everyone called you crazy and found you annoying.
    I feel like we had a good coversation.
    You have my AIM, I know I don't know you that well but i'm all ears if you ever need to vent.

  12. DeDo1

    DeDo1 Senior Member

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    thank you ur both great ppl and ill try to get msn its already downloaded on my comp but i am a little crazy i dont really vent to ppl i keep inside till i blow so i can get out all at once proper yeah we had a convo and ur still a pitbull and xdistx ur mad cool havent talk to ui mush but i think it would be cool to talk to u more thank you both for the support
  13. xDesTx

    xDesTx Senior Member

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    Love you Dedo =D
  14. DeDo1

    DeDo1 Senior Member

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    love u too <3 i got msn now so yeah

    idk how to use it pm so i can give you my e-mail
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  15. maybemasai

    maybemasai Member

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    me and my homey "m" were both thinking of suicide but we made a deal to live as long as the other does so im straight now.

    it sounds dumb as hell but its true
  16. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    it's not dumb. it's great. friends looking out for one another. wish any of my friends cared about my life that much.

    this week, everything has been going horribly wrong. i've been ditched by each and every one of my friends at different times all week. besides one. dude's got my back. he's been a better friend to me than my best friend of 11 years. and my best friend of 7 years. so fuck all of this shit. i'm finding more people to hang out with as we speak, so i don't have to keep dealing with this shit.

    i just can't be happy anymore..

    but god knows i'm trying as hard as i can.
  17. DeDo1

    DeDo1 Senior Member

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    thats cool but i a question what happens if ur life is going great everything u ever wanted ur starting to get and ur friend passed away?
    i just wanna know cuz ive had friends do that with other friends
  18. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    fuck everything.

    for the past week my life has been shit.

    either deppressed as fuck or wanting to fucking kill somebody.

    parents are telling me i need help and all that shit but fuck that.

    fuck life. its overrated.
  19. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    i have so much going for me, i know what i want to do with my life, im going to college, i graduate high school this year, all kinds of stuff going on to make me happy, but im not, i dont connect with people like i used to,
    lately and for the past year or so, ive felt as if i have an overwhelming death glare looming over me and that at any point on any given day i will just suddenly be killed.
    when i get in the car i have to take a few deep breaths before turning it on to reassure myself and to calm my heart and tell myself that everything will be alright.
    it makes it hard to live life to the fullest when you feel like you are going to die at several points throughout the day. ive come to terms that everyone has to die and that everyone will die, im not afraid to lose my life ive become numb to it.
    everyday life is what im afraid of what if im doing everything i am doing for nothing,
    what if i end up alone with noone there beside me to bask in my accomplishments and to share in my happiness over successes. what will all of that work been done for...absolutely nothing, in my mind.
    im one to contemplate suicide and back out because of a million things that could one day make me happy. i try to be happy with monetary goods, and materials, but the truth is all i want is for someone to invest their emotions in me and to be able to invest my emotions in them. a true friend, a true love, a true relationship and to feel the gains from that, its hard to come by these days and it seems as if money and materials are just thrown in our faces in place of these things.
  20. deshi_kicks

    deshi_kicks Member

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    I'm def. not the type to talk about shit, but its just stressing me now.

    First off I am 17, and I was homeschooled since 6th grade and we moved around a lot so I had no friends ever since then besides when I was in Pakistan for 14 months. I had the time of my life there because I had true friends that would kill someone if they fucked with me. When I came back, I came back to nothingness. I mean, I had my family but I have 5 younger siblings, and they ranged at that time in age from 1-10 (1,3,5,7,10) so they were always being loud and giving me a headache and thats how it was from October 2006 to October 2007 when I got kicked out. Long story short, stepdad always treated me like an outcast since I was about 10 (he has been married to my mom since I was like 3), and so he pissed me off and I lost it and broke his nose, so they kicked me out. With nowhere to go, I went to stay with my grandparents for like four months, then my stepdad wanted to make amends and send me to a community college and I would have my own apartment, IF I took care of the business because he was tired of it. So I was like ok, and he is cool now like he is a lot different and I don't have hard feelings anymore like I used to. Anyway, all that school and apartment shit didn't go down like it was supposed to. Basically, I changed my mind about school, my mom had a panic attack so I caught a Greyhound down here to Orlando to straighten shit out, and they thought for some reason I was moving home so they gave the apartment back now I am back living at home again with the loud kids. Everyday they piss me off, and today in the car my mom ran inside a store and my little brother (now 11) was pissing me off so I took out my sharpie and just scribbled on his leg because I knew he would hate it, so he pushes my hand over and the sharpie gets on my sisters nicest shirt, and they all tell my mom I was drawing on them for no reason. Of course, she believed them and tried to go off on me, but all I did was turn on the ipod and zone her out. But that kind of shit happens every single day, among other things. I have all these things in my life to complain about but I have NOTHING to live for it seems.

    Everytime I walk by a window or door I just imagine or get the feeling someone is gonna just shoot me. I have lots of thoughts about death (not just mine but in general), and I wasn't like this before. I can't think straight, I have no idea whats going on in my own head anymore.

    I just don't know...