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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, May 7, 2007.

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  1. revolt92

    revolt92 Banned

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    That's not ALWAYS the case, i know alot of people who have been chucked out at home, lost loved one's among other things, lifes a bitch! remember that.

    Suicide? yeah i've thought about it a couple of times, about this time last year i was so close to just ending my life because it seemed as though my whole world had just gone, thankfully i realised that it's not just worth it, there's things you can do, people you can see to help you. So if you ever think about it just think to yourself, "is it worth it".

    There was a 3yr old who was depressed.
  2. Desipher

    Desipher Guest

    ya i have just gotten back home after being kicked out for like almost 2 months i wanted to die everything just seemed so shitty lost gf lost job didnt have a place to go slept under a bridge almost every night of it but now things are starting to pick up theres never good times in life just shitty ones and ok ones
  3. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    *bump* for code sucht

    sorry to hear about your friend and girlfriend
    but you have to remember that its bond to happen
    we will all fall in and out of love many times
    and sadly our friends will die for reasons beyond our control
    i know that makes it sound worse but hopefully you might see how important it is to seize what you have now, even though it might seem less then what it was the day before

    i hope you see this, and feel better
    youre more than welcome to PM me
  4. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    i have lost a close friend a couple weeks ago, shit seems to be getting a bit better, but throughout all this month, life seems so dark n gloomy, does anyone have a good solution for moving on, it seems like everything i do brings back memories of him, and the more i chill with friends seems like the less they care about it, i guess i need a good way to put this behind me and move on without feeling so sad n depressed all the time
  5. AliasL1A

    AliasL1A Member

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    Props to msfyt on this one..

    When I lost my girlfriend of 2.5 years about 2 years ago, I thought my world had ended. I was in a pretty foul mood most of the time.

    But then I picked up the pencil again and started writing (the written word, not graff) again. It helped me a lot to have that medium to pour all my frustrations and woes out onto. It was a release for me.

    And now graff is doing the same thing for me. I've got no real ability at it yet, but it's a release nonetheless. Whenever people give me shit, put me down, hurt me.. whatever.. I can always just turn to the sketchbook and write something else out. It may not be pretty, but the effect is the same.

    I suggest the same thing for anyone else going through trouble... do what you love, what your heart tells you to do. Which, I assume, is graff for most of you :D
  6. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    i have thought about killing myself. everything wasnt goin my way, i got arrested for writing and possession and i was failing out of high skool. then i thought about how it s always darkest before the dawn. so i just stayed depressed for a couple days
  7. ODonthesetrees

    ODonthesetrees Elite Member

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    my life took this exact same turn when i started writing, my brother had recently attempted suicide, i was not close to any of my family members and my "friends" were barely and music was my life and without them i couldve easily kileld myself ,i thought about it weekly if nto daily for a long time...luckily im in a way better position now and hopefully will never return to that depressing time
  8. capo93

    capo93 Senior Member

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    this is gay writing it in some onlne forum but i have to say it just to get it out....
    alot of the time i feel like its just enough and that i cant take it anymore that theres just so much unnecessary pressure in my life pushing down and that t would be esier if i werent here... ya i use music and art as an outlet but when i leave my house and where i feel safe i feel like breaking down and just ending it all...
    my friends don feel like friends i cant laugh at their jokes or smile back at them and girls is a whole lost cause because im akward as fuck to be around i find and it always " i ve never hougt of you in that way" bull shit.
    nothing right and i dont feel like i could talk to anyone about it, this is actually the first time ive written it down and ya its on some fucking internet forum.
    i feel like i cant even call kids help phone or talk to a school counsellor or anything like that its just all fucking gay and like i said easier without me here i have no fucking clue what to do
  9. JackJill

    JackJill Elite Member

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    It seems stupid now, but for real you're not the only one going through it. And that's okay. Going to see someone about your depression is like going to the doctor for a sore throat. They'll help you. And you may think it's hella ghey for going, but you're not doing it for your family or friends, you've gotta do it for yourself. Make that choice and it's the first step to feeling better.
  10. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    its not gay being able to open up to strangers
    its quite normal to express our deepest thoughts to people that we dont have to face, kinda like beef on here people will run their mouths cause they know they will never see the person in reality
    anyways as for the friends part not being friends, dont worry about that friends are great to have but can also be the excat opposite full of drama, backstabbing, etc
    and girlfriends can be just the same
    (by the way most of my friends dont care who smiles, or want to even be around happy people...i like them because they are like that; sinical, scarastic, and even social outcasts are charactists of my true friends)

    so all in all you should be more concerned about yourself and your own mental health because thats what it comes down to
    is mastering own on minds
    not as easy as one might think, so give yourself a little credit just for teh effort of trying to do just that

    SLEDGEHAMMER Senior Member

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    R.I.P the fallen soldiers of suicide.
  12. revolt92

    revolt92 Banned

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    I don't think he means gay in the literall sense, gay is no longer a word used to determine homosexuals. It's now used as an insult or for no reason at all. e.g. homework is gay, homework cannot be gay as it is not a living thing, therefore gay has no meaning anymore.

    I'm very bored
  13. JackJill

    JackJill Elite Member

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    Yes, I believe we are quite well aware of that. But thank you, Revolt.
  14. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    thank jill
    i dont anyone thought he was refering to him actually being gay
  15. percoset fun

    percoset fun Senior Member

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    this is a good thread, i can relate to almost everyone storys. while i was going through some of the hardest times in my life, graff was there for me. i was worth nothing in school and at home i was failing. but graff saved me i realized some people liked my work and some people looked up to me, and when everything was fucked up, and therepists just made me more angry graff was there people were complimenting me i didnt suck at it and it saved my life because i for once finaly fealt like someone like people knew me .
  16. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    revolts gay:p

    an cmoney keep ya head up
  17. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    well i grew up in a middle class home, made gud grades all that shit but, mah dad got pissed at mah mom, he moved out cheated on her wit sum ugly slut, an now hes sellin, an doin drugs, hes gonna get arrested for violating his probation, an i cant believe that this man...who WAS the best dad a guy cud have, went down that road, so i bin depressed for a while but im thinkin jail is best for access to drugs, and no access to drug feens...
  18. revolt92

    revolt92 Banned

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    I kinow this, i was simply stating that he was using the word gay when it didnt really mean it's actual meaning, if you get me?

    Anyway i don't really know why i posted that, maybe out of bordem? maybe i was just annoyed.
  19. JackJill

    JackJill Elite Member

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    Maybe you make me annoyed, shutup.
    And Ante, he might be your dad but he's really not that old in his mind. my unle still smokes the reef with my aunt ni their hot tub every once ina while. It's a choice. He chose to ditch you guys. Let me tell you that you don't need him. He only makes your bond with your mom stronger.
  20. revolt92

    revolt92 Banned

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    No i'm not going to shutup.

    and no jackjill thats not always the case. Since i lost my dad i argue with my mum more than i used to, maybe it's because i've become a teenager since then...i don't know. All i'm saying is that it helps to have a fatherly figure around, i mean i have my older brother and looks out for me and stuff. Maybe this just me like i said i don't know.

    Anyway i hope that helps
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2007