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Tag name?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matt Dowdy, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. Matt Dowdy

    Matt Dowdy New Member

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    How do you go about coming up with your tag name? like whats the best far I have come up with Mace comments?
  2. Lankz

    Lankz Guest

    Dont think theres a set way tbh with you mate ask anybody what there tag means and you'll have so many different explanations etc. Mines lankz cos im tall as hell.
  3. Bridog22

    Bridog22 Member

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    Ok guys i need some help on names im really indecisive and cant pick 1
    I like BLIND but ive been told a lot of people write that. Is this true?
    Another name i was thinking of was REVO but idk if i love it. Any suggestions on changes on either of the names i listed or new names would be much appreciated. Also if anyone can tell me wether or not a lot of people actually do write BLIND because ive never actually seen it before
  4. Inen

    Inen New Member

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    well, to be honest who cares if another writter use his name? you can add a number like Blind176 or you can remake it a bit like BlindR, Blinder, least that how i work.i stopped using inen as my tag,(i had that since 6 years now, and i wanetd to start alll over) so thats how i work
  5. OTER

    OTER Member

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    I used to have a name that meant something but i could never get the structure of the letters right, and the kerning was a nightmare. I changed it to OTER purely because i felt comfortable with those letters. At the end of the day, what is really in a name, i prefer to let my expression do the talking and my name is just the label.
  6. yokelz

    yokelz Member

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    i use the name Banks, Banko, Banck or Bankz46 & its cool to use a name with different letter thats still pronounces the original name
  7. oatmeal

    oatmeal Senior Member

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    make up a word.
  8. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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  9. psl vandal

    psl vandal Senior Member

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    ive never seen sorry before and that's a pretty good one idk I kinda like the ironic names ya know like I write oops haha
  10. Max_G

    Max_G New Member

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    pick some letters you like writing and put them in an order that makes some sort of sense or that mean something to you.
  11. oveous

    oveous Member

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    I was working at a retail store back in the day and some kid came up to me and instead of saying Mister, he said Mester. My name has been Mester( Mes) Ever since! It's totally random when you find the name that best suits you.
  12. PHELZ

    PHELZ Member

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    just change letters in your real name, nickname or whatever people are calling you?
  13. Cronanberg

    Cronanberg Member

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    Make it something short. Something you can write quickly. Think of how the letters will flow together and what the best way to write it will be
  14. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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  15. poopdick1er

    poopdick1er Member

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    Be a man about it,write pubes.
  16. Eor1123

    Eor1123 Member

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    This chick started calling me Eor, cuz "I'm sad all the time" apparently... Just use a nickname. (btw Eor is the sad donkey in Winnie the Pooh)
  17. fatcapcrust

    fatcapcrust Member

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    write whatever word comes to mind when you grab your sharpie that way youll be all city with 15 different names.. so many names your names got nicknames...
  18. AKZ

    AKZ New Member

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    I chose AKZ cause i made it into a shortened version of the word Alkaloids. Well it's less letters. I just threw a Z instead of a S. Can also pronounce it like "Aches" or "Acts." Idk It just represented me and what i'm about and I like those letters. Choose something that you like and you can always change it if you want lol.
  19. Miew

    Miew Member

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    its easy. I was sketching Mine..then View...came up with Miew and now Arzs. plus got to seperate from names years ago. i say just dont stick with 1. you'll actually sketch more if you have the time and also gives practice with different letters, especially if its not your main.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015