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Tags around people?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Swul, Mar 4, 2021.

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  1. Swul

    Swul Senior Member

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    From yall's experience, how often do just civilian people yell at you for doing tags? I've done a couple around people who haven't said anything but I don't know if I'm just gettin' lucky.
  2. ArcticWolf43

    ArcticWolf43 Senior Member

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    im kinda wondering the same thing cause i can only tag during daytime- i only use stickers cause its quicker but i want to be able to use marker sometimes just idk how it works during the day
  3. Fannie Chesterton

    Fannie Chesterton Member

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    This has never happened to me. But I may be too careful, idk
  4. Synapsu

    Synapsu Member

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    i suck still but i've done a fair bit of writing, one of the gold standards of tagging (at least in my area) is don't give a shit. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but most people couldn't care enough. Even if they did, they usually don't say anything about it because it really just doesn't matter enough to most people. Some don't even notice.
    Obviously, still try to be discreet, don't be super bold, but don't be scared either.
    To sum it up:
    Usually, people don't mind.
    It's likely different for bombing or tags with spray paint, but generally, tags with markers, people will just ignore or not notice at all.
    I guess of course try to make sure there's not too many people around, because there's always a small chance of a Karen, but very small.
    This is probably different in small towns, but generally, in medium/big cities it's like this.
  5. Sten

    Sten Member

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    marker tags in front of people have never really been a problem im in a kind of small city so taggin with paint gets me strange looks and the occasional mf who yells at you but in bigger cities nobody seems to really gaf