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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Denz_one, Jul 11, 2005.

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    aright so riddle me this... i worked on making all the letters the same size right. hate the i, and i know everyone will feel me on that. i made it sharp on top round bottom, whats the words?
  2. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    maybe you should try a different name.
  3. thatswhatshesaid

    thatswhatshesaid Senior Member

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  5. C1t1z3n

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    sup with it vanilla face?

    first post, everyones better than me, but i been foolin around on paper and with shoe polish on the window tryin to get a tag down. finally came up with somethin i like that won't take me 5 years to get up and get out.
  6. testing.

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  7. Sbal

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    Testing: looks like gannas, i liked it initially, but then i noticed the A's and the loopy S, which detracted it, make the letters more unifom i guess.
    citizen- the roman numeral thing could be sick if u pulled it off with the C and the N as well
    Sir- I agree that a name change might suit you, just find letters you can work with better.
    gnar- i like it, but the tail of the g comes off in an awkward angle.

    Here are a couple tags ive got going, a curved one and a sharp one.
    Lemme get some good feedback on these
  8. Fube

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    too much talk, i understand this is the toy forum and you guys are crit hungry but im getting to the point if i dont see flix im just going to delete it. i dont mean piss everyone off but the best way to get better is to do handstyles then post them.

    just deleted about 2 pages of talk.

    again, i dont mean to be a thread nazi but the object is to get out of the toy forum and into advanced/big boy threads and not get flamed out. if you dont like this move then by all means complain. its your god given right.
  9. NosE2

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    i dont understand why you deleted my post...i dont know how good your graff is fube, but i told that kid what's good...and you deleted it. if you want these kids to get any help you have to let some of these crits ride...

    and it's not everyone's god given right. if you tell these kids to move on to intermediate thread, then they will. and theyre not meant for that, everyone in there is just full of kids telling other people to get out, except maybe the 5 people that deserve to be in there. this shit is all fucked up..
  10. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    i not only deleted your post, but i also deleted the rest. your not any more special then anyone else as well. what my graff looks like has nothing to do with being a mod. what people like and dont like is strictly a personal feeling. meaning what you think is shit another likes it. people come on here to see some fuckin tags, and hone in on style. its night and day with this place. at one point in time people want more flicks, then, on the other hand i get bitched at for deleting chat.

    besides, what i deleted was 3 post by different users that said exactly the same thing with nothing posted.

    View attachment 601488
    View attachment 601489
    View attachment 601490
    View attachment 601491
    View attachment 601492
    View attachment 601493
    View attachment 601494
    View attachment 601495
    View attachment 601496

    here is a lot of older handstyles i had laying around my photobucket, its not hard just to post one whenever i want to give crits or props. infact, it actually promotes more flicks and gets rid of crits that dont mean much. promotes a little bit more value to what your saying in the long run.
  11. NosE2

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    obviously we've both been on this site for a nice length of time. I post a pretty good amount of pics, I don't feel my crits should be deleted. Btw your hands aren't that say your a mod regardless of your you're a computer nerd...I'm trying to give these kids advice because I am more progressed than they are...yet you feel like I'm ruining this shit? It's mods like you that make kids suck. I liked you at first for trying to straighten things up, but you're deleting shit that these kids need to see and understand. This is the real word, everything isn't a fairytale...really bad toys critting other really bad toys is 1 step forward, 2 steps back. I'm doing what I can and what I feel is necessary, but you are letting them live in some fantasy world. Whatever dude.
  12. C1t1z3n

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    theres another adaptation

    i still feel this is too... empty, not enough going on but i can't make enough go on without looking like im trying.
  13. C1t1z3n

    C1t1z3n New Member

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    think i got me a winner :D
  14. Gatsoi

    Gatsoi Senior Member

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    Just doing handstyles and posting them isn't going to make people progress.
  15. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    well, mr NosE2, as i said in my post, they are old and chillin in my photo bucket. it was souly me illistrateing how easy it is to actually follow. if im a nerd that makes you? this statement confuses me. do you like insulting yourself by your own words?

    also, where did i say you or anyone was running this shit? calm down.

    i seem to be catching your point tho, no need to be saying im some computer nerd with shitty handstyles. is that how you get want you want?

    next time you want to call me out on something you want/feel is fucked up pm me. im open to different opinion's and been known to sway sides.

    if you guys want this shit 70 percent talk and only 30 percent flicks then its your biz.

    personally i feel to crit without posting something is a lazy way to progress no matter your talent.


    no shit? Man i think your right. thats because im not saying just doing handstyles and posting them will make them better. im simply asking in order to crit someone, you post or at the very least bump something from the back page and crit that as well, even if its just "this is sick!".
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
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  17. Get Rekt!

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    First tag

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  19. Phat 2

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    does that say ack? HAHAHA
  20. weedeater

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    he doesnt roll with you phat? haha