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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Denz_one, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. Saiko

    Saiko Senior Member

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    If you make the bottom of the r round,and bring it back to the other loop, it'll have more flow, like a philly hand.
  2. skinaone

    skinaone Elite Member

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    im about to slap someone this dude -.-
  3. TastyMcNasty

    TastyMcNasty Elite Member

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    thats proper, nice and simple, but still e nough style and flow to look good. my only suggestion would be to flare out the T some more
  4. MakeItTakeIt

    MakeItTakeIt Senior Member

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    Oger dont shoot out the leg of your R like that, it you just bring it down normally till frlow with the rest of your letters that hand will be lookin pretty fresh once you get it more consistent and neater.

    experimenting, crits/comments?
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2011
  5. Mr yarbles

    Mr yarbles Elite Member

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    Downwards rapist one line


    Keep practicing everyone been in this shit for 5 years and still learn something new daily
  6. SynOne

    SynOne Senior Member

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    Top or bottom, I like the bottom, but I dunno why, I have the feeling it's to much =/


  7. MN Nice

    MN Nice Elite Member

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    Lose the extension on left side of your Y on top.

    Couple tries at a new style.

  8. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    your letters are way to over lapped, space them out a bit and that 1 line might turn out for ya
  9. toopski

    toopski Guest

  10. SynOne

    SynOne Senior Member

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    Mues, I like it overlapped more than not, I saw in the throwies thread it not overlapped as much. Seems more flowing overlapped.
  11. pointman

    pointman Senior Member

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  12. MN Nice

    MN Nice Elite Member

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    What you know about the crayon game, homie? Lol sorry if this is huge, I'll resize it later. Better spaced out?

  13. skinaone

    skinaone Elite Member

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    no niga
    M is weird
    S looks like its smart cause of that big as head no homo
    seperate it a bit more
  14. LiveFreeDieFree

    LiveFreeDieFree Member

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  15. bak

    bak Senior Member

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    go simpler that h needs work nd no face

    BEASTOR Member

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    Need crits plz
    I know i need to loose the quotation marks
    #4 Crew name/tag
    Trying to keep it simple.
  17. PETER

    PETER Elite Member

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    Looks like you studdered on the T. Maybe try working your M to kinda take the shape of your A or N.... lowercase I guess I am suggesting. The E falls a little flat compaired to the rest, maybe bring the middle portion completely horizontal and in line with the cross portion of the A and draw in the tail so it would line up with the rest of the E as if you where making an O and stopped... man I suck at trying to discribe something. Good luck in the battle. Stay up.

    NICE: I love your S.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2011
  18. Norfsuthr

    Norfsuthr Elite Member

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    Yo haste I'd stick with that tag, just clean it up. I like the H, but make the lines straighter. When doing long lines in a tag make sure they run parallel or it will look bad unless it's intentional and done right. See if you can make a more original A in the same style, and make it in like 1 or 2 lines. S is good until the end part, smooth it out so it flows with the direction of the letter. Crossbar of the T needs to be a bit higher and at less of an angle, and it would probably look good if it came down as far as the H to balance the tag. E just needs practice and maybe a little flair to finish it off. Good starting point though, it's got potential that's why I critiqued it hard.
  19. Saiko

    Saiko Senior Member

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  20. ERAYS

    ERAYS Member

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    yo BEASTOR, I like the 1st one the most, keep writing it! You've basically got the idea just stick 2 simples and get your tags as clean as possible and you will develop style!

    any crits? Photo 237.jpg